15 Fall RV Activities You’ll Enjoy

Believe it or not, fall can be just as great, if not better, for camping and taking the RV out for an adventure! There is a great variety of activities that you and your family, friends, and significant others can enjoy that are perfect for this season.

Maybe a romantic getaway could even be the ticket. A road trip can help relax, reset, and unplug while simultaneously having days to choose a fun activity to try to make memories with your choice of company. Whichever type of trip you are looking for, we have the top 15 fall RV travel activities for you to consider!

Camp at the Area’s Top Campgrounds

You may have wanted to stay at your vacation area’s best or top-rated campgrounds, but experienced a sense of overcrowding since the summer months are most popular. Take advantage of visiting these campgrounds in fall and be able to enjoy your stay while also getting to choose your ideal and perfect spot to make camp!

Fall RV Camping

There is nothing like being able to keep your RV’s windows open at night and feel the nature’s breeze circulating through. Don’t forget to pack extra blankets and your cozy flannels!

Now might be a good time to consider camping vs glamping since the weather may be a determining factor.

Smores and More

When you think of camping, a campfire is usually at the top of the list for things to do. It is even more fun when you are able to get cozied up close to the fire for warmth. Why not add some fun with cooking to the mix? Smores are a camping staple.

Send the kids out to find firewood and roasting sticks, and roast your marshmallow to your liking, and make a smore! The usual suspects are graham crackers and chocolate. Maybe branch out and add banana slices and Reeses cups too! The possibilities are endless! Cast iron pies, hot dogs, and so much more can be made as well!

Play in the Great Outdoors

Explore your location by adding these fun activities to your agenda! Biking, hiking, and walking can create a sense of being one with nature, and be enjoyable without the intense summer heat. Pack your RV up with your best hiking boots, bikes, and all the other gear needed, so you will be able to try out the different trails! Geocaching is another great activity, especially for the kids! With the foliage shedding during this time, the treasures you can find within the leaves are endless!


Not only can a campfire bring light to the campsite, but try out the flashlight games for the kids! There is a flashlight tag, sardine hide-and-seek, and you can make your own scavenger hunt! The adults can give the kids or each group a list of certain things to find around the site and in the surrounding woods.

Competitions are always a fun way to get everyone involved! Another idea is to have a glow stick party. Packs of glow sticks are affordable and can be made into necklaces, glasses, bracelets, and can really just be hung around the campgrounds to create a rave type vibe on one of the nights!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Here is one of the most popular ideas whether you are traveling with family or for a romantic excursion. Pumpkins alone are basically the symbol of fall. Take a day to visit a nearby pumpkin patch! The atmosphere will give you maximum fall vibes.

Fall RV Halloween Activities

Pick out your favorite pumpkin and take a hayride while sipping on your hot cocoa or warm apple cider. The pumpkins aren’t just for decorations and cooking. Make it a competition and show off your carving skills!


No matter the time of year, spooky stories are definitely a must when it comes to camping. Fall makes it even better with Halloween being just around the corner. Gather everyone around the campfire and create the best story possible, while being mindful of the younger kids of course!

The tale can be scary, funny, and can also include some campers’ names or characters that resemble one of them to make it even extra intriguing or spooky!

Halloween Theme

Since you are camping in fall, it just makes sense to have a bit of Halloween fun! Already mentioned above are the ideas of spooky storytelling and pumpkin carving. To add to the Halloween fun, check with your campgrounds association and through Google to see if there are any local themed activities.

There may be trunk or treating, costume contests, and competitions including costumes and decorated RVs.


An RV road trip can offer up some time to relax and recharge. Escape reality and get away to have some quality and quiet time with your partner, friends, or maybe just simply on your own. Appreciate the nature surrounding you.

Relaxing at your TV campground

Use your five senses on this trip and embrace the fresh air to relieve the stresses of the world. Since it is fall, the holidays will quickly sneak up on you. Use this time to unplug and recharge before that time hits!


Football season is a favorite season for many. Take a quick trip to your favorite campus, alma mater, or away game, and tailgate from your own RV! Homecoming is a great game to try this at, so you can reconnect with old classmates and friends to reminisce on the past college days.

Not only is there a kitchen and private bathroom to change up the football game experience, but you may also bring all of your game gear, favorite drinks, and yard games. Create your own football watch party while being able to be near the stadium and hearing the roars from the entire campus!

Try the Fruits of the Season

Get a taste of fall by really and truly giving it a taste! A fun way to enjoy the season is to visit vineyards, breweries, and cider mills. After a day’s worth of tasting, stock up on whichever ends up being a favorite for you to take back home to enjoy yourself or to have others try out your incredible find. Make sure to also visit farmers markets and orchards as well to find the best seasonal fruits and veggies to add a fresh taste to your mills.

Hunting and Fishing

Whether you are both into these hobbies or maybe just the gents, an RV will offer you the comforts of your own home to enjoy. Pack up all the fishing and hunting essentials and head to the best lakes or rivers to make camp.

Fall fly fishing in your RV

Enjoy this hobby together or simply be able to learn more about your significant other’s liking of the sport while still being able to be “home” and enjoying the views. After a long day’s fishing and hunting, you will both still enjoy each other’s company while cozying up to discuss a successful or unsuccessful day.

Local Fall Festivities

Check out your travel spots for fall festivities. Oktoberfest is a favorite, and there may be harvest festivals, haunted houses and tours, and of course, the Halloween themed parties.

Especially when it comes to drinking events like Oktoberfest, having your RV already there can help if one becomes intoxicated or exhausted. There won’t be a worry of getting home after a long day of fun. Get your group of friends and head out to your fall event of choice!

Foliage Trip

Check online to see where there are the best areas of foliage to take a road trip to see. The Midwest is known for having some amazing views of the season changing nature. Hop in your RV, turn on your favorite music or podcast, grab all the snacks, and take a drive to find the colorful canopies. Don’t forget to take pics!

Fall foliage in your RV travels

Romantic Getaway

Take your partner on a romantic getaway! Cozy up together in the comfort of your own RV to enjoy the colder fall weather. The atmosphere of being in an RV alone and together can create a time of romance and getting to know each other even more. Revisit any meaningful places and find more places to make memories to last a lifetime.

If you happen to be in Oklahoma near Lake Texoma visit Crystal Creek Winery. Tammy and I love going there when ever were in the area.

RV Shows

This activity may be for the RV regulars or those interested in learning more. Even if upgrading or purchasing isn’t the goal, touring new models and checking out the different RV gear and accessories can be a great time! These shows and rallies can offer a time to connect with other RV people and trade hacks, travel tips, and travel location ideas.

Here is an excellent list by RV Miles of upcoming RV shows across the country.


No matter what fall RV activity you chose for you and your company, you are sure to find out that the fall is an amazing time to take that road trip. Enjoy your family, friends, and partners with unplugging and resetting. Always remember to appreciate, participate, and be present to make the most of the season.

The fresh air, views, and sounds are sure to please. Get your RV packed, make sure to bring your blankets and sweaters, and make the most of your fall seasonal trip!

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