7 Awesome Pop Up Campers You Should Consider Buying

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If you are planning for a vacation with your family this summer, pop-up campers can be your great companion. Also referred to as fold up campers, they are equipped with a wide array of features which are hard to find at this rate. These products have turned out to be the ideal choice for people who are looking forward to upgrading their tent but do not want to go for an RV at the same time.

Our List of 7 Awesome Pop-Up Campers

  • Sylvan Sport Go
  • Livin’Lite Quicksilver
  • Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-up Campers
  • Jayco Jay Sport
  • Coachman Clipper
  • Aliner Somerset
  • Opus Camper Off-Raid

They are easy to use and lighter in weight at the same time. In addition to this, they involve a reduced cut off from the pocket, in comparison to the traditional trailers, available in the market. With time, these products have earned a high reputation as they are smaller in size, as compared to the travel trailer but have a bigger size, than the tent.

These campers are maneuverable and thus you can move it towards the next location at ease. These campers stand second to none in opening new doors for opportunities to adventure to the new location. The market is filled with a plethora of pop-up campers which are great in quality.

Here is a list of the reviews of the best pop up campers, available in the market:


#7 Sylvansport Go

Sylvan Go Pop Up Camper

Add to the joy of your next big adventure with Sylvansport Go. It is lighter in weight, compact and you can convert the same into the toy hauler without any hassles. Thus, you do not require leaving either of the gear behind as you opt for this product during your next camping trip.

If you are looking for a camper which can be personalized to fit each whim, this is the ideal pop-up camper without a second thought. It is possible to set this waterproof tent system within the time session of a few minutes.

This pop-up camper boasts of the Diamond Plate Deck plate which is reinforced. Hence, it plays a vital role in enhancing the longevity and durability of the structure. As it is composed of aluminum, it is known to be corrosion-resistant, lighter in weight. In addition to this, it boasts of the integral raised surface pattern which offers slip resistance.

These campers boast of TIG welding and thus they had the best quality of welds which ensure that the campers are going to last for a lifetime.

This pop-up camper comprises of proprietary aluminum extrusions which stand second to none in creating a lightweight and strong frame. Thus, you can be ensured that this product has high longevity, fuel efficiency.

The presence of powder coating on the campers ensures that your hands do not get dirty after handling the raw aluminum. Thus, it offers additional durability from bumps, straps, etc.

This pop-up camper comprises of top-notch wheels which ensures a stable ride during the trip.


  • Boasts of cast-aluminum axles and wheels

  • Resistant to corrosion

  • Durable

  • The striking balance of space and luxury

  • Waterproof

Website: https://www.sylvansport.com/go/

#6 Livin’Lite Quicksilver Tent

top pop up campers

If you are a camping enthusiast, this is the lightest and smallest alternative for you. It is possible to create a spacious camping shelter with the aid of this pop-up camper. It has become the prime choice of people owing to the high longevity and durability.

This pop-up camper boasts of the all-aluminum superstructure which ensures lightweight. You are going to find the supreme quality of the workmanship by purchasing this product. This camper boasts of aluminum tubular frame construction which is clean and precise.

This pop-up camper features aluminum clad exterior which comes with best in the class automotive paint finish. Thus, it offers high longevity and durability. The front panel of this product possesses a diamond plate rock guard of black color. In addition to this, the interior wainscoting makes use of synthetic Azdel panels that are resistant to mildew and mold.

This pop-up camping is crack-proof and composed of linoleum flooring. In addition to this, the cushions are composed of marine-grade vinyl. Furthermore, it boasts of the thermoformed storage compartments, present under the seats which can be cleaned without any hassles.

The RV systems are chosen for enhancing the function while reducing weight and space. Besides this, the galley sink of the camp is outfitted with the aid of hand pump which is known to be fetched from the freshwater tank. Besides, this, it is equipped with the city water fill which bestows high convenience.

The window components are recognized to be an integral feature of this camper. They let you control the flow of air, light, and temperature to a great extent.


  • Aluminum construction

  • Build to last

  • High longevity

  • Amazing interior construction

  • Lighter in weight

Website: https://www.livinlite.com/products/quicksilver-tent-campers/

#5 Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-up Campers

best pop-up camper

This pop-up camper stands second to none in retaining the storage and towing benefits of this classic pop-up camper. Thus, it is considered to be the perfect option for the camping adventure.

It is recognized to be one of the leading hard side folding pop up campers which bestow a fiberglass and smooth vacuum bonded exterior. It is possible to set up this camper without any hassles at a faster rate.

This pop-up camping boasts of versatile floor plans which confer 34-inch kitchen countertops, that provide comfortable working along with additional room for the refrigerator of an extra-large size.

This is one of the top pop-up campers which feature power roof assist that can be set up in no time without encountering too many hassles. Thus, you can make sure to enjoy an out of the ordinary camping experience within the shortest possible time duration.

This pop-up camper boasts of wood-look flooring, slate wood interior, and electric pump. In addition to this, it also has 2 Bike Rack, Hanging Wardrobe.


  • Smooth vacuum bonded exterior

  • Versatile floor plan

  • Comfortable ride

  • Wood-like flooring

  • Easy setup

Website: https://forestriverinc.com/rvs/camping-trailers/flagstaff-hard-side-pop-up-campers

#4 Jayco Jay Series Sport

If you are looking for a comfortable and cozy ride during your summer camping trip, this is certainly the most ideal choice for you. It has five-lifetime warranties and thus you can rely on it. In addition to this, it comes with first-rated features like the wall to wall vinyl flooring, residential cabinetry, etc.

This pop-up camper features the scratch-resistant and corrosion resistant heavy duty Nirco A-frame. As it is comprised of Super Lube finishing, it is capable of handling a wide assortment of campsite and road conditions.

This product boasts of an extra ground clearance of five-inch by which it is possible to take the camper anytime anywhere.

This pop-up camper features of DiamondFlor vinyl flooring of top quality. It is also equipped with an acrylic sink, stove, and faucet, which are comprised of stainless steel. Construction with this material ensures that this product is going to last for a lifetime.


  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant frame

  • Durable

  • Stainless steel parts

  • Boasts of super Lube finishing

  • Five-lifetime warranties

Website: https://www.jayco.com/tools/archive/2019-jay-sport/

#3 Clipper Pop Up Camper by Coachmen RV

This pop-up camper offers a whole new dimension in the catalog of a camping trailer. It has become the prime choice of end-users owing to the wide array of features and amazing appeal.

The interior part of this pop-up camper boasts of residential cabinet grade linoleum along with walnut cabinetry, residential cabinet doors, laminate countertops that offer relaxation like home.

The exterior part of this camper boasts of front wall protection, diamond plate rear protection, laminated aluminum skin walls, Zero Exposure Bunk Technology, LED exterior lamps which bestow protection to the camper from different kinds of adverse road and weather conditions.

You can avail this product in a plethora of floor plans for housing almost eight people at once.

It is equipped with spring axles, steel frame, heavyweight dolly jack that bestows optimum comfort on the road.


  • Provides a plethora of choices

  • Steel frame

  • Offers a great comfortable ride

  • Amazing appeal

  • Great interior construction

Website: https://coachmenrv.com/camping-trailers/clipper

#2 Somerset Campers from Aliner

Aliner Somerset Camper

It has earned a high reputation as one of the best pop up campers which focuses more on simplicity. You can avail this pop-up camera without burning a hole in your pocket. It features a simple floor plan and you can find all the goodies in a single product.

This camper has a large size. It offers an additional amount of ground clearance and thus you can traverse it around various terrains easily.

It boasts of the convertible dinette which can be transformed into a bed of large size which confers sufficient room for up to six people.


  • Sufficient space

  • Large size

  • Affordable

  • Simple flooring plan

Website: https://aliner.com/somerset-campers/

#1 Opus Camper

Opus Camper

If you are looking for an affordable option that can offer a comfortable camping experience, it is the most excellent choice for you.

The internal and external walls of this pop-up camper are made of Aluminum Dibond. It also comprises of dual aluminum panels which are separated with the aid of Polyethylene core.

People love to opt for this product as you can inflate the product within the time session of two minutes. You can open as well as secure the ends of the bed and turn on the switch easily.

This pop-up camera boasts of additional power, extra storage that offers an out of the ordinary camping experience.


  • Extra storage

  • Additional power

  • Quick deployment

  • Amazing off-road construction

Website: https://www.opuscamper.us/

If you are looking for a pop-up camper for a long vacation, you can choose from either of the best pop up campers. You are sure to get saved from many troubles as you opt for these products. If a pop-up travel trailer is not something you are interested in how about a regular size camper from one of these top travel trailer brands?

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