8 Awesome Retro Campers (Some New Some Not So New)

Last Updated on Sep 26, 2020 by Ray Roman

Are you considering the purchase of a retro camper? These days you don’t have to buy an old camper to get that vintage look you’ve always wanted. There are travel trailer manufacturers that have designed and built that have the retro-styling but with modern features and construction. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Retro Campers that we think you’ll love.

#1 Happier Camper HC1

10 Awesome Retro Campers

The Happier Camper is an all fiberglass modern camper with unique retro-styling. It offers an advanced modular interior system that lets you use pre-designed cubes to add functionality to the interior. The Happier Camper is geared towards the younger generation with its cool styling. You can easily stick a dirt bike, mountain bike, and even a kayak inside. It can easily be towed with smaller SUVs and cars.

There is a lot we like about the Happier Camper. We think the modular system lends itself well to just about any floor layout you might want. The look is reminiscent of the canned ham campers. If you want to upgrade from tent camping to glamping this one might be the one for you.

#2 Riverside RV Retro

8 Awesome Retro Campers

The Riverside RV Retro has all the style of classic travel trailers. From the whitewall tires to the red and white color scheme it oozes the 50s and 60s. It’s available in 14-floor plans including a travel trailer toy hauler. It’s loaded with modern features such as a microwave, Bluetooth radio with inside and outside speakers, birch interior, USB ports, and much more.

Riverside Retro is by far our favorite retro trailer. Not only does it have that beautiful vintage RV camper look it ahs just about everything you need for a fun adventure. They make several models of this retro travel trailer and they all have the same beautiful vintage look. They are a bit more than typical campers but we think they are worth it if you are looking for that classic retro camper look.

#3 Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser

The spirit of the fun-loving ’50s is alive and well in the Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser. It has a laminated wall construction and a one-piece laminated roof. It is very light and aerodynamic. You get state-of-art features in a design that brings back the fun vibe and simple lifestyle of the 1950s.

You’ll also find vintage exterior graphics, moon hubcaps, stainless steel microwave, and a 2-burner stove with cover. Inside you get a classic camper drape package and your choice of 4 interior color combinations.

#4 Heartland Terry Classic

The last year of production I can find on the Heartland Terry Classic is the 2019 model, which means it came out the latter part of 2018. I’ve not seen anything for a 2020 model so there is a possibility it is not being built anymore.

When it comes to looks I’m torn between seeing it as a retro camper or a really messed up futuristic camper. There is a lot of shiny aluminum and a boxy exterior reminiscent of a vintage camper however the big Airstream type panoramic front window throws things off for me.

The exterior is obviously an old camper style, however, the interior is all modern. This is a very nice retro camper.

#5 Barefoot Camper

The Barefoot Camper is a modern camper with retro styling. It is has a hand-built fiberglass shell and comes in a range of colors. The interior can be customized to your liking and includes a kitchen, bathroom, sofa, wardrobes, and storage.

Since it is lightweight, slim, and aerodynamic it is super easy to tow. Barefoot Caravan recently announced that nuCampRV will be bringing the Barefoot to the US in 2020.

#6 Serro Scotty

The Serro Scotty has a long history dating back to 1956 when John Serro built a 16 1/2′ trailer in his garage. Unfortunately no one would by his first model. The next year Serro introduced a 10′ teardrop travel trailer called the Sportsman. In 1960 the teardrop shape was replaced in favor of the tear-drop “swoosh” shaped wheel well opening. In 1995 they even added motorhomes to their lineup.

In 1997 the Serro manufacturing plant burns down and they stop making travel trailers. Scotty is still in business making Police and Fire Safety trailers. in 2016 Litte Guy Worldwide well-know for their teardrops campers announced they will be building retro “Serro Scottys” in 2017. From what I can find they build one model.

#7 Aristocrat Campers

Photo courtesy of Gregory Wayne

Aristocrat campers were first built in 1956 by Irving Perch. The last unit rolled out in 1974. One of the first models was the Lo Liner because it could easily fit in a residential garage if you purchased the optional metal wheels. The Lo Liner was positioned in the market as a versatile vacation trailer designed for year-round use. It included all the essential features such as a bed, dining table, refrigerator, since and sofa. Aristocrat had 10 models available.

#8 Dub Box USA Dinky

I love the look of the Dinky Sleepers by Dub Box USA. The Dinky is their version of a teardrop trailer with modern features but with a unique vintage, VW look. The Dinky includes a custom made Queen mattress if you want an outdoor kitchen you can get that as well. Lots of options are available such as privacy window shutters, roof rack, A/C heater combo, portable cooler, and much more. They even make an empty Dinky suitable as a toy hauler or for business merchandise.

Retro Campers Summary

Who says you can’t have a nice selection of retro campers with modern construction techniques and features? These days there appears to be a desire to go back to the “good ole days” of RVing and these vintage-inspired campers will take you there. Most of these campers are going to cost more than typical travel trailers so be prepared for that when you start looking around for one. However, we think the cost is well worth it when you consider the unique styling, the retro look, and the modern amenities.

If shopping for used retro campers or one of the much older vintage travel trailers note that it may require extensive renovations. There are some excellent resources on the web showing how to renovate a vintage camper. There are also only stores that cater to vintage camper renovations and stock parts and in some cased custom manufacturer parts as well. Vintage Trailer Supply is one of the vendors that come to mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes retro travel trailers?

Riverside RV is one company that makes retro or vintage style travel trailers. You get the vintage look with modern features.

Where can I find vintage campers for sale?

There are several well-known sites such as TinCan Tourist, Vintage Campers, and Craigslist.

Where are Riverside retro trailers made?

Riverside manufactures its classic campers in LeGrange Indiana. They have been around for about 10 years.

Who makes the White Water Retro?

The White Water Retro is built by Riverside RV in LeGrange, Indiana.

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