About Us

Hello and welcome to Go Travel Trailers. My name is Ray, and my wife Tammy and I are looking to purchase a travel trailer in the not too distant future. We want to buy a camper because we love the outdoors. From RVing to camping, fishing, and hiking we enjoy it all.  

That’s me, my wife Tammy and two of our kids at the top of the ski lift in Red River, NM.

Several of our friends have campers and we decided we want to be part of that experience as well. We have always loved the outdoors and enjoy spending time with family, and friends.

About Ray

I am an Oklahoma real estate broker and currently work as a Site Development Manager in the wireless telecommunications industry.

I am also the co-owner of RV Automations a small RV tech company that has developed the ShorePower Monitor, a generator auto-start system. 

As we get closer to retirement the idea of buying a travel trailer is getting real. On this site, we share a lot of the stuff we are learning during our research as well as what I learn from other RV owners I correspond with via RV Automations.

About Tammy

Tammy works for a local telephone company as a Network Operation Technician. She does a lot of research for the content we post on this site. As you can see below Tammy also loves the outdoors.

Our Content

Buying a travel trailer can be an exhilarating and very liberating experience. After all, you are gaining a certain amount of freedom you otherwise might not get. But the opposite can also be true. Your shopping experience can be painfully frustrating and filled with disappointment.

On this website, we document and write about our experiences researching and learning about travel trailers. We review trailers, products, and other travel trailer related stuff.

Our travel trailer reviews are based on either actual experience or based on online research we conduct. I’m sure you can understand that owning every travel trailer we write about would be a little impractical and very expensive, to say the least.

I am not associated with any RV manufacturers or dealers, but I am a co-owner of RV Automations.