Top 5 Best Campervan Accessories

Your unforgettable family trip and the desired van life can only be possible when you have the best campervan accessories to begin the journey with!

best campervan accessories

If you don’t have the highly essential goodies, you’ll get stuck multiple times while going from point A to point B. And if you don’t want a trouble-induced trip like that, you must make sure all the valuables are there.

But what are these best campervan accessories we’re talking about?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be telling you right now!

Best Campervan Accessories

Let’s find out what the most needed campervan accessories you’d be needing right now!

1. Hammock

Hammocks are the ultimate relaxation tool and the best VW campervan accessories you can have.

When you’re driving the distance with your family members, you’d always want something that helps you be close to nature and enjoy the trip to the fullest extent.

One good thing about the hammock is you don’t need tons of other equipment or supporting elements to get them working. Just use trees or poles nearby to set them up with ease.

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Hammocks can also prove to be quality components for reading books and indulging yourself in nature. Furthermore, kids can rest on top of it while playing outdoors.

Also, storing the hammock is unbelievably easy! You can fold them and tuck them under the bed or any narrow space without taking up much room.

All these factors make hammocks the best items you can go for while considering campervan accessories.

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2. Outdoor Shower

While traveling in a campervan, not having a shower can be a serious issue for the more reserved travelers. Many campervans don’t include the shower space as they need to manage the kitchen and dining room space.

While on a camping site, you may end up finding one or two shower spaces after much effort, but that would also cost you every time you use them.

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And many other sites may not have the facilities at all.

In both cases, it’s a tremendously hectic and financially unwise decision not to have a portable shower while going out on the road. It is one of my highly recommended best campervan accessories.

One thing to note, if you’re traveling to a region that is extremely cold during the winters, it’s better to go for one which comes with a solar power heating solution.

Having one of these will keep you refreshed throughout the trip and reduce the possibility of health issues as well!

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3. Bicycles

Instead of going for the campervan luxury accessories, you can have bicycles! You’ll get double the fun when you have bicycles on the trip. The campervan is like a base and doesn’t require you to stay in it while traveling.

To make the trip more exciting, adding bicycles is an effective idea.

Whenever you feel a little bored, you can hop on and ride along through the woods and dusty roads.

Best Rated Folding Bicycle

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Plus, it also makes it highly convenient to fetch groceries or other emergency items quickly using a bicycle.

In that case, you won’t have to move with your van and waste time and energy setting it up time and time again.

On the whole, bicycles are fun campervan accessories you should have!

4. Fire Extinguisher

Well, these are campervan interior accessories we’d highly recommend, especially while traveling with kids and pets.

Kids may end up causing a fire, especially if they’re left unattended in the kitchen.

While traveling, you’re carrying tons of fuel for your vehicle and kitchen needs, which is always a bit risky.

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That’s why it’s better to have a fire extinguisher onboard!

Another thing that should be mentioned is that you must have experience of how to use it. Having a fire extinguisher doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll magically learn to use it perfectly if any fire breaks out (the opposite can happen in such situations).

Hence, you must have a valid understanding in terms of how to operate it.

5. Dark curtains

Finally, getting blackout curtains can be a good investment before heading out.

While out on the roads and camping sites, privacy can sometimes be a major concern. If you don’t have blackout curtains, privacy can be compromised. That’s why it’s a must!

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On top of that, these curtains can also help keep extra light coming inside the van, making it dark enough to offer you a healthy sleep.

Many curtain variants will have magnets around their edges. You can just stick them on the window to use them!

Final Thoughts

Our highly analytical guide has talked about some of the best campervan accessories that can transform long days on the road.

If you’re a travel enthusiast, try getting all these items before heading out. Adding in these accessories will make your trip a lot more comfortable and offer you unforgettable memories for the future.

Apart from them, you can also have survival essentials like torchlight, matches, ropes, knives, foldable appliances, and many more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab all the necessary elements and go on a trip to remember!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a campervan cozy?

Adding in sitting and sleeping arrangements, using attractive painting and keeping the van clean all the time can make it cozy and comfortable!

What do you absolutely need for van life?

Things may include stoves, heaters, LED lighting capability, an onboard generator, portable showers among others!

What should I take in my motorhome?

You can take foldable tables, chairs and beds, cleaning chemicals, buckets, kitchen essentials, and clotheslines for a comfortable trip.

How can I decorate my van?

You can use different campervan decorative accessories like wallpaper inside, add in a stunning flooring design, have a large skylight, and paint the outer surface to decorate the van attractively.

Are campervans a good investment?

Definitely! Campervans are pretty good basic tour companions you can go ahead with at any time!

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