5 Best Class B RVS for 2022

By Ray Roman | March 23, 2022

Recreational vehicles are life changers. They are mobile houses for people who like to travel and not to stay in one location.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), over 2 billion people are likely to travel the world per year.

These travelers love to have some adventure, meet new people and experience a new culture. Living in RV would not disappoint such people at all. In a previous post, I listed the top 5 Best Class A RVs and the Top 5 best Small Class A RVS under 30 feet.

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In this post, we’ll take a look at the Top 5 Best Class B RVs.

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5 Best Class B Campers of the Year

If you are an adventure seeker, it might be nicer for you to live in an RV than in a house. Also, it would help you to save money, especially after college. In this article we’ll list our favorite 5 class B campers. Let’s get started.

1. Winnebago Solis

Class B RV

Winnebago Solis stands out from the line because of its small size and legit sleeping space for four. But that is not it. The sole purpose of this van is to give adventure to you and your family. 

Keeping the family as the main passengers in mind, the manufacturers inserted a pair of shoulder-belted rear seats behind the driver seats. It also features a rooftop extension so that you can transfer everything with ease.

You can go for a rear sofa bed to replace the standard fold-down Murphy bed to establish a small lounge providing comfortable seating and additional sleeping capacity. 

Check out our review of the >>> Winnebago Forza.

The van consists of a ladder-accessed pop-top where a bed with a cushiony spring mattress will make you sleep closer to the stars. Solis’s fiberglass, user-friendly pop-top, and FROLI® Sleep System are built for two to sleep. You can remove the pop-top if you want. There is also a 202- watt solar panel on the pop-top.

Features like simplified water panel, dual exterior wash stations, the easy-to-see freshwater tank sight glass, cassette toilet, and the Eco-Hot® water system give you stress-free travel. It also offers features such as a water heater system, LED lighting, and US portals.

The starting price of this camper is $100,667. Here is more information on other RV prices.

2. Roadtrek RS Adventurous

2016 Roadtrek RS

Roadtrek’s RS Adventurous RVs are worth your money because of their quality tradition. If you are looking for a class B RV, this is the best in it. This type of camper has expanded gallery features, refrigerator, convection microwave, and two-burner propane stove.

An automatic propane heating system is available. The van also encompasses a comfortable and cavernous permanent bathroom with a stand-up shower and heated driver and passenger seats.

The enhanced safety features include blind-spot monitoring, collision & lane-keeping assist, rearview camera & navigation system. The power leather sofa that can convert into a king-size bed is made as comfortable as possible. The RV also has a small entertainment center which has a 24” flat-screen TV.

The company provides a 2-year roadside RV assistance for every new purchase. The manufacturers have used EcoTrek (a lithium power module) for worry-free battery management and discharging in weather conditions from -40º to 120º F. 

The cost of this top-of-the-notch RV starts at $151,510. 

3. Mercedes Benz Metris Getaway Van

2020 Mercedes Benz Metris Weekender Camper Van Conversion 3

The Mercedes Benz invented Metris Getaway Van by taking inspiration from the past campers with a touch of the latest technologies. The van has an elevating roof with an integrated spring system. 

There is a sleeping area for two with 2″ mattress and USB ports. Additionally, there is a rear bed that can sleep two more. The 180° rotating front seats and integrated table are on the front side of the van. 

The RV contains a secondary battery in case you need extra power. The optional features are integrated solar panels, roof racks, and camping upgrades like an 8’ awning, mosquito screens, a rear lift tent, and a pull-out rear kitchen. 

Its tow rating of 5,000 lbs, outstanding safety, and fuel economy, maximum of 15,000-mile service intervals, crosswind assist, rearview camera, load adaptive ESP, and ECO start or stop are some of the additional features that enhance the van’s performance.

This RV may not be cheap, but you can use it as a daily vehicle. It will fit in any garage and will not cause any problem for the people residing in RV-restricted neighborhoods.  

The price range of this van camper starts from $65,000.

4. Pleasure-Way Tofino

2020Tofino 360Image 6

The Pleasure-Way has come up with a unique sense of sport and adventure with its new van – Tofino. The manual pop-top reveals an over-heard bunk while lifting. It gives a secondary sleep space.

It features two 100Ah lithium coach batteries, multiplex wiring, a 2000 watt inverter, touchscreen control panel with a detachable amperage meter. The galley area is present along the driver’s side.

The Galley area shows the minimalist way of designing, concentrating on fundamentals like induction stove, stainless steel sink AC/DC refrigerator, and laminate countertop. The two-lap belted manual-folding sofa will transform itself into a cushiony bed. 

Both captain chairs can lie down and rotate to join the main living area. The chairs are also used with a dining table that fits on a mobile tripod base. The van does not have a bathroom giving a lot of space to store gears.

The cost of this Tofino usually starts just above $73,000.

5. Thor Tellaro

2020 tellaro paint charcoal 3q top up 20at

Tellaro features lots of technologies and functionalities in their primary model. It has a pop-top that increases the sleeping capacity to 4 people. Tellaro is available in three different models.

The van has a bike rack with a capacity of two bikes, a roof ladder, patio awning, a 200-watt solar panel, AGM batteries, and an AC system with excellent energy efficiency. The bathroom facility is similar to the one in Winnebago Solis.

Additionally, Tellaro has a big dining table and refrigerator, extendable storage area, and powered awning. The van has a modern interface called Pioneer® in-dash media center, 28% larger than factory radio with enhanced HD visibility. It helps with navigation. 

The durable Italian-made cabinets in the kitchen give an elegant and modern look. The crisp lines and shiny mirror-like finish makes this interior look so enormous. You can also store ingredients needed for cooking in the kitchen.

The price of this van starts from $93,125. 

Summary of 5 Best Class B RVs

Among the RVs mentioned above, Winnebago is the best. It is one of the Top 10 Nominees in RVB’s 2021 Top 10 RVs. Winnebago is one of the companies that make high-quality RVs.

If you want a high-quality RV at an affordable price, Pleasure-Way Tofino is your option. For an RV slightly similar to Winnebago RVs but with a reasonable price, you can choose Thor Tellaro.

If you are interested in learning about Class B RV prices as well as other types of RVs, check out this article I wrote with 40 examples of RV prices.

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