Best RV Logbook (Our 5 Top Picks)

Ever wish you could go back in time and relive a camping trip? Do you want to remember notable parts of your trips and can’t rely on memory alone? Consider investing in a travel journal, or RV logbook! Then you can simply relax in a nice RV camping chair and write all about your awesome adventures.

The best RV logbook is the Ultimate RV Logbook. We choose it because not only does it have plenty of space for journaling your RV adventures, but also has pages for logging your RV maintenance.

With this, you’ll be able to record each journey with the details of the location the campsite is at, activities, discoveries, and even notes of what you wish you would have brought or known to prepare for the next trip taken. Record the pros and cons of each as well, which may include whether it was a full or partial hookup or the amenities included at the site.

Also, you’ll want to leave a description of your overall experience, especially for looking back to remember which was the most fun or fitting to what you are wanting to expect on the next trip.

Whether it be for the enjoyment of journaling, or for the necessity of logging for maintenance or accessibility reasons, logbooks are a great idea for those who travel through camping. If you are looking for the best RV logbook, the ones below are my recommended picks.

The Ultimate RV Logbook

The Ultimate RV Logbook: The best RVer travel logbook for logging RV......
  • Gear & Apparel, Nomadic Souls (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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Having the ultimate in the name describes the amount of research that went into this journal. The detailed guides inside have more than the usual amount of prompts seen in these types of logs.

Similar to the competition, this paperback book will include areas to log your stay and other campsite information. What makes it unique is also having a section to record all of the maintenance services including mileage and dates for when you need to refer back to, and also allows you to sort the book by region or state.

As you travel, this 7.4” x 9.7” journal is going to be easy to pack and carry along. You’ll find 120 pages in this version, which may be filled up faster since a majority of logbooks usually have a bit more.

Since this logbook is so detailed, the fill-in pages will be lengthy, making the text quite small.

Adventure is Calling RV Logbook

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This paperback journal includes 160 pages for logging and features detailed forms throughout to record campgrounds information and routes taken.

In addition, the forms have prompts for noting the weather and even the starting and ending mileage of the trip. You’ll notice this book is a great size, being 7” x 10” and easy to keep track of and throw in your bag.

Many buyers not only purchase this for themselves but mention what a great gift idea it is as well. The design is one that is simple and suitable for anyone and everyone. A painting of a vintage-styled camper in the mountains will be found on the cover with the quote, “Adventure is Calling”. This seller also has a couple of other cover designs if you want to browse other options with the same interior aspects.

Being a best seller compared to its competitors, most reviews are basically showing no issues with their purchase, other than the occasional concern of it being paperback and having a page flapping upward instead of remaining in the original condition.

The Camping Logbook

The Camping Logbook (Camping Journal): Record Your Adventures...
  • Hardcover Book
  • Inc. Peter Pauper Press (Author)

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The Camping Log Book is perfect for recording your adventures; it even says it on the cover! There is great appeal to this cover, being a flannel type design, which definitely incorporates the camping vibe.

Something that makes this journal different is a back cover pocket to store any business cards, maps, receipts, or other miscellaneous items. Also featured is an elastic band attached to the back cover to hold the journal in place, which is handy since there will be loose items in the pocket.

Within this 6 ¼” x 8 ¼” hardcover journal, you’ll have 160 pages with fill-ins to jot down amenities, attractions, and other notable campsite information.

This logbook in particular has several sections for different trips, so if you are one who needs more than just a few pages to record your adventure, this may not be a suitable purchase. However, a few pages can definitely be used well if you don’t plan on using many for picture

Family Camping Journal

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The Family Camping Journal is going to be different from the usual “logging” type. This journal is going to be more like actual journaling with its prompts being exactly that: prompts. For example, one prompt may start out something like, “Today we did…” or “Next time, I’ll be sure to…”.

The 8.5” x 11” softcover book is a bit on the larger side but has just as much writing room as others within the 126 pages. It will still include a few lines to record campsite information but is more focussed on recording the memories.

The design on the cover features words commonly used while traveling in an RV such as campfire, nature, and the phrase, “gone fishing”.

Although many customers reviewed it with positive feedback, some did wish the prewritten prompts either weren’t included or just had less to be able to include more of their own ideas.

RV Logbook Camping Journal

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The RV Logbook Camping Journal is going to be great for having a checklist to remember important information for when you travel.

This style will be suitable for anyone since it showcases a simple flannel vibe or buffalo check cover, and is similar to a composition notebook with its 6” x 9” premium matte softcover. 101 pages are included with several checklist pages for each trip taken, also including the extra pages in between for notes.

The checklist will be similar to the competitions, incorporating the campsite information section, however, the actual checklist part will list off many things you may not initially think of to record. Some examples of this are hiking trails, being pet friendly, and the type of pavement.
Although this may be the perfect camping journal, keep in mind that it doesn’t have nearly as many pages as others, so it may be more suitable for those who don’t dedicate as much time to travel.

RV Logbook Template

If you would rather not buy a journal and just want to print out individual maintenance pages when needed you can download a template here. It is a simple template, but it does the job just fine to help keep track of your RV maintenance.

Summary of Best RV Logbook

Being able to reflect back on your RV adventures is a great feeling. Sharing them with family and friends will surely bring back awesome memories. Having a quality RV logbook to document your RV travels makes it easy to pass on these adventures to your children and grandkids.

I also write an article on the top gifts for RVers which I think you’ll enjoy.

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