4 Best RV Sewer Hose Support

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A sewer hose support basically supports the sewer hose coming out of your travel trailer so the it is not touching the ground. In addition it lets you route it easy to it’s final destination a septic tank in most cases.

Here are four of the best RV sewer hose support I have found in my research.

  1. Camco 20-foot Sidewinder MY TOP PICK
  2. Level-Trek 15-Foot Sewer Hose Support
  3. Camco 43071 Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support
  4. Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support

Camco 20-Foot Sidewinder (Top Pick)

There’s a reason Camco has 3 of the 5 camper sewer hose support products on my list. They make affordable high-quality products for the RV industry. The Camco 20-foot Sidewinder is obviously no exception. 

The Camco Sidewinder is made of heavy-duty, lightweight weather-proof plastic. It is made to cradle your sewer hose so that it remains off the ground and prevents potential damage.

There is no assembly required. You simply layout the sidewinder in the path you want to guide your sewer hose. 

The Sidewinder’s cradle is deep with a groove that helps secure your sewer hose without needing any straps. Each cradle slightly decreases in height. This creates a downward slope as your hose gets closer to the septic connection. This ensures better drainage when compared to other RV sewer hose supports that are non-angled.

The Camco Sidewinder RV sewer hose support comes in 4 lengths: 10-feet, 15-feet, 20-feet, and 30-feet.

To view the price on Amazon click here.

rv sewer hose support
Camco Sidewinder Travel Trailer Sewer Hose Support

Level-Trek LT80070 Sewer Hose Support

The Level-Trek is a 15-foot camper sewer hose support that is make of durable plastic. The Level-Trek has a sloped angle design and has a sturdy and durable base.

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It hinges just like the Camco above and is just as flexible around objects. It has a deep groove hose support to cradle the sewer hose without any straps. Straps can be used if you desire. It does come with a limited 3-year warranty.

The Level-Trek comes in various sizes which you can see here. You can check out pricing here.

Camco Rigid Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support

This is another Camco sewer hose support however this one is very different than the Sidewinder above. This Camco RV sewer hose support is rigid and each piece is not connected to the other. 

Each trough is simply placed on the ground and the height of each one is adjusted using the stakes. There is a locking mechanism on each end of the trough that locks the stakes in at the desired height. 

For storage each piece stack on top of each other. This camper sewer hose support can be adjusted to 10, 15 or 20 feet. View latest pricing on Amazon.

Camco Adjustable RV Sewer Hose Support

Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support

While the other RV sewer hose support I looked are all made of heavy-duty plastic this one is made of lightweight durable aluminum.

This Camco sewer hose support can hold the hose securely over uneven terrain and includes a strap kit to hold the hose to the stand. 

It can easily be extended to 6-feet in length and folds to 6-inches for storage. Here is the latest price on Amazon.


An RV sewer hose support is one of those RV accessories you cannot do without. It not only protects your sewer hose from any damage it also keeps it off the ground, and allows for easier waste flow. I recommend the Camco Sidewinder as it is durable, adjustable, lightweight and affordable.

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