Best Travel Trailer Brands for 2019

  • Airstream
  • Grand Design
  • Oliver 
  • Winnebago Industries
  • Happier Camper
  • Starcraft
  • Lance
  • Shasta
  • Jayco 
  • Forest River
  • Heartland
  • Prime Time Manufacturing

I selected these best quality travel trailer brands based on my own research. I was looking for reputable manufactures that produced a good quality model to models with a good selection of standard features and options.

When it comes to selecting the best RV brands for 2019 you will find a slew of opinions. I have compiled a list of companies that manufacture high-quality unit and provide good customer service. Keep in mind that the service comes from the dealer. A good and reputable manufacturing company will make sure their dealers are providing good service to buyers.

If you have a comment good or bad on any of manufacturers on our list please post them in the comments at the end of the article. Here is our list in no particular order. So here goes my list of the best travel trailer brands.


When you think luxury camper Airstream is usually one of the first that comes to mind. They produce some of the most recognizable recreational vehicles in the industry. They are priced at the high-end of the range, however, the amount of value you get is very well worth the price. Their iconic models include the Classic, Globetrotter, Tony Bahama, Flying Cloud, and several others.

Airstream best travel trailer
Airstream International Signature Model

Owned by Thor industries now, Airstream continues to lead the industry in unique, iconic, and distinctive design.

Recent trends in the industry have led Airstream to design the Nest a sleek, very modern and great looking mini camper. Airstream in owned by Thor Industries. I did an extensive review of the Nest and whether it’s worth the hefty price tag.

Airstream Flying Cloud

The Airstream model I have a preference for is the Flying Cloud. With a starting price of $67,400, it is not for everyone. Here are some basic specs on the Flying Cloud:

  • Sleep Capacity: 4-8
  • Length: 19 feet to 30 feet
  • GVWR: 4,500 to 8,800
  • 19 available floor plans

The Flying Cloud is loaded with features that exude quality. Here are just a few of the features I liked in this unit (some may be optional):

  • Quietstream Climate Control
  • Ultraleather seating
  • High-end kitchen appliances
  • Seating that converts to sleeping
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Handcrafted cabinetry
  • Retractable awning
  • Rear-view monitoring system
  • Roller blinds and blackout curtains
  • Moen faucets and much more…

The Airstream Sport is another well crafted camper.To view, all Airstream models, features and specification click here.

Grand Design Recreational Vehicles

Grand Design has one very loyal and raving fan base. I have come across many owner reviews of Grand Design campers who rave about the quality of these units and the outstanding customer service. Grand Design is located in Middlebury, IN and all of their towables and fifth-wheels come with a 3-Year limited structural warranty. The Imagine XLS is one of my favorite due to its excellent styling, features, and amenities.

Grand Design
Grand Design Imagine

Grand Design as a company in the industry is not very old. They have only been around since 2001 as an independent company. They spun off from a larger company. Grand Design formed an alliance with Winnebago and operates as an independent business within Winnebago Industries. So they have financial stability but can continue to grow and design the way they know best.

Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer

The Imagine is my preferred trailer of choice from this manufacturer. There are several reasons I like the Imagine. First off it comes in 11 different floor plans and they all come with a queen-sized bed. There is simply no way I would want a travel trailer with anything smaller than a queen bed. Here are some basic specs on the Grand Design Imagine:

  • Choose from 11 floor plans
  • Length: 26 ft 9-inches to 36-feet 11-inches
  • UVW: 6,695 lbs to 7,495 lbs
  • Gel-coated fiberglass exterior
  • One-piece roof membrane with a 12-year warranty

The Imagine is also loaded with a ton of standard features. Here are just a few of the ones that standout for me and for what I’m looking for:

  • Solid hardwood drawer fronts
  • Large panoramic windows
  • Upgraded residential furniture
  • Residential quality countertops
  • Stainless steel microwave
  • 3-burner range with oven
  • Double door fridge

In addition to the many standard features you have a choice of 3 equipment packages. Choosing one of the 3 is mandatory. The 3 packages are the “Peace of Mind”, “Ultimate Power”, and Four-Season Protection. For detail on each package click here.

Grand Design has a collection of excellent recreational vehicles and is one of my favorite RV brands. See them all right here.


The Oliver brand makes high-quality luxury fiberglass trailers in their Hohenwald, TN manufacturing facility. The company which was started by twin brothers Jim and John Oliver was formed in 2008. The Oliver campers are built using 4 fiberglass shells, two inner shells and two outer shells. It’s a unique process that ensures a very well-built camper.

There are many things that set Oliver apart from the industry. It starts with the wheels found on all Oliver models. The wheels are not cheap travel-trailer wheels but rather E-rated, 10 ply, light truck tires. You won’t find any wood or carpet on an Oliver, thus no more or milder either.  The frame is aircraft grade aluminum which provides durability and longevity.

The Oliver tis well-suited for those who are interested in extreme temperature camping. The insulated double shell keeps the cold out and all water lines, appliances, tanks are enclosed within the lower shell.

Due to its aerodynamic styling and light aluminum frame, it is easy to tow.

All Oliver units go through a 4-stage inspection process. There is an Incoming Inspection Process, Production Inspection, Final Inspection and, the Shakedown. The Shakedown is a free night of comping a few miles down from the manufacturing plant. This gives the buyer a real-world test of the Oliver brand.

Oliver's Legacy

Oliver Legacy Elite 2 Travel Trailer

The Oliver Legacy Elite 2  pictured above is my favorite model. I like the Elite 2 for several reasons. I like that it has a dry weight of just 4,600 pounds. So it can be towed with a good truck or full-size SUV. (Keep in mind 4,600 pounds is just the dry weight. For towing you need to consider the everything else you put in it for your trip.

The Legacy Elite 2 comes in two floor plans. One with twin beds and the the with a dinette to 75″ x 79″ bed conversion. This model is loaded with standard features. These are just a few of the ones that stood out for me:

  • Full Custom Molded Interior and Exterior Insulated Shells
  • Plumbing, Holding Tanks and Drain Pipes enclosed between shells with heat to diminish freezing
  • Quad Shocks on dual Dexter leaf spring axles with “Nev-R-Adjust” 10″ electric brakes for exceptional control and braking
  • Nordicold 3 Way Refrigerator 4.5 cu. ft. (12V, 11OV, LP)
  • Molded vanity
  • 15′ Dometic awning
  • 22″ Flat screen LCD TV
  • Custom mounted speakers (4)

Winnebago Industries

With a history spanning over 50 years, Winnebago is a well known and respected brand and definitely one of the best in the industry. Headquartered in Forest River, Iowa the company builds high-quality motor-homes, campers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers.

Winnebago Minnie Drop Woody Orange Graphics

Winnebago makes 3 very popular models; the Minnie Plus, Minnie Drop, and Micro Minnie. Distinctly shaped it pack a lot of space in a small package. You can check out our review of the Minnie Drop here.

Winnebago also uses Azdel composite panels in their manufacturing.

Winnebago offers a line-up like no other manufacturer. You can see all Winnebago models here.

Happier Camper

Happier Camper makes a unique retro-style all fiberglass camper with a versatile modular interior. Called the Adaptiv interior it lets you arrange the interior just about any way you desire. The honeycomb fiberglass floor allows you set the cubes in any arrangements. The Adaptiv cubes include storage cubes, kitchen sink, and cabinets, table, cooler and several more.

Happier Camper

One thing to keep in mind with the Happier Camper is that it does not have a typical bathroom It has a dry toilet. So for some of you that might not be what you are looking for. That is the only drawback I see to this camper trailer. It is small so don’t expect a ton of room, but that is the way it’s been designed. It’s modern and it does make use of the small interior extremely well.

The Happier Camper is truly adaptable and one of the best on the market.


Another of our picks with a long history, Starcraft started out making metal farm equipment back in 1903. In 1968 they began to manufacturing units. They were purchased by Jayco who was subsequently purchased by Thor Industries.

They all come with a 3-year warranty, as well as including a Magnum Roof System. Their trademarked Tuffshell is a vacuum-bonded lamination used for their walls.

Mossy Oak

Of all the models in their line-up, I like Starcraft Mossy Oak which is pictured above. See the entire Starcraft lineup.


Lance has a reputation for being very well-built and an owner base that loves the customer support offered by the company. Definitely one of the better RV brands in the industry. What we like a lot about Lance is the interior of their models. The designs are extremely practical and very well done using top-grade materials.

Lance using Azdel composite panels which is an eco-friendly toxin-free composite panel superior to wood. You can read about Azdel panel right here.

Recent Consumer Digest awarded the entire line of Lance models their highest rating. If you search the internet you will find the majority of owner love their Lance so it’s easy to see why Lance has won the prestigious Dealer Satisfaction Index for quality almost every year, and have been rated best in owner satisfaction. Definitely one of the best travel ones made.


Lance offers a 2-year structural warranty on their models. Overall we consider Lance one of the Top 5 RV brands in the industry.


A division of Forest River, Shasta has a history going back to the early 1940s. The Shasta name brand is very well respected in the industry and for those for have been around a long time the toaster-like look of the original Shaster brings back memories.

Shasta has made huge improvements since the days of the “toaster-on-wheels”. Shasta campers made today have a well-designed sleek profile and amenities unheard of a generation ago.

Shasta makes four models of recreational vehicles. Three towables and one fifth-wheel.


Within their 4 model lineup, my personal favorite is the Revere pictured above. A modern, well-designed camper brand with an impressive interior. Check them out here.


With over 50 years of industry experience, Jayco has been one of the better brands in the RV industry. They have a very loyal following and have always been very responsive to their customers. In 2016 Jayco was purchased by Thor Industries which also owns Airstream among many other companies. The hope is that the quality, service and customer responsiveness remain intact after the purchase by this huge industrial conglomerate.


Jayco not only manufacturers pull-behinds they also build fifth-wheels, toy haulers, camping trailers, Class A and Class C motorhomes as well. My favorite model in the Jayco lineup is the Jay Feather an ultra-light camper .

Forest River

Forest River is one of the largest recreational vehicle manufacturers in the United States. Forest River is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Forest River makes trailers, 5th wheels, motor-coaches, camping trailers, pontoons, park models and toy haulers. They have several manufacturing facilities throughout the US. They have one of the best owner forums in the industry called FROG (Forest River Owner’s Group).

Forest River Alpha Wolf

Of all the units they make Forest River makes my favorite is a recent model that they have introduced. It’s called the Alpha Wolf. It’s a beautiful lightweight camper. It is roomy for a small design and it is very easy to tow with nothing more than a standard SUV.

Forest River also makes the Flagstaff Micro which is another cool travel trailer.

Heartland RV

Heartland is another recreational manufacturer owned by Thor Industries. Heartland was formed in 2003 so it’s still a baby as far as the industry history goes. However, that is not indicative of their products. Heartland is a brand that makes some of the best RVs in the market. As a matter of fact, their first model was a high-end fifth-wheel called the Landmark.


They also make a couple of luxury toy haulers including the Torque which is a 5th wheel. If I had to choose my favorite Heartland model it would be the Mallard lightweight. It rocks. Check them out.

Prime Time Manufacturing

Prime Time is a subsidiary of Forest River and has been in business since 2009. Fairly new in the industry they have worked hard to earn over 20 DSI Quality Award. They are located in the heart of the Amish community in Wakarusa, Indiana.


The Lacross is one of your favorite Prime Time models. You can see it here. It’s considered a luxury towable with many high-end amenities and materials. We spotlighted the Lacrosse as one of the top luxury campers in the industry.

Best Travel Trailer Brands Summary

So there you have it, some of the best brands in the industry, in my opinion of course. The thing is no matter what brand you research they all have their loyal fans and their detractors as well. The most important advice I can give you when selecting your RV is to do your own independent research. Get out there and visit the dealership, go to the shows, get on forums, and talk to owners. Research not just the brand but the dealership as well. Make the choice that is best for you, your family, and your budget.

5 Best Travel Trailers 2019

For 2019 we have compiled our list of the top 5 best travel trailers on the market. Our criteria for selecting these five campers was based on reviews overall ratings by owners. We looked at floor plans, construction, features, and weight. We have also listed the notable features of each travel trailer.

There were more than 5 top rated travel trailers with a rating that would have made it on the list. However, we decided on just the 5 that would appeal to the typical travel trailer consumers like us.

Grand Design Imagine

A Lightweight Travel Trailer Without The Compromise

Learn more about the Grand Design Imagine

Overall RatingFloor PlansLengthWeightSleeps
[usr 4]1126′ 9″ to 36′ 11″5,295 lbs to 7,947 lbs UVW2-6

The Grand Design Imagine has a lot going for it. It is without a doubt one of our favorite travel trailers due to the many excellent features and the carefully designed floor plans. It has a very large pass-through storage compartment, universal docking station, and is even pet-friendly with a pull-out food drawer for you dog or cat.

The interior of the Imagine is high-end in both looks and functionality. The solid hardwood drawers front are very nice, and the frosted glass cabinet door inserts add a touch of sophistication to an already elegant kitchen area. The master suite has a queen bed, solid bedroom door, and over-sized under-bed storage.

Feature List

This is partial list of standard features available on the Grad Design Imagine.

  • Gel-coated fiberglass exterior
  • 1-piece roof membrane with a 12-year warranty
  • Insulated storage doors
  • Laminated aluminum framed rear and side walls, roof and end walls in slide rooms and main floor
  • Large panoramic windows
  • Upgraded residential furniture
  • 81′ tall headroom
  • Residential countertops
  • Stainless steel microwave and 3-burner stove with oven
  • Double door fridge
  • Master suite with queen bed
  • TV and cable prep
  • Options are available

The Good

  • Excellent insulation
  • Aluminum frame
  • Well thought out layout
  • Lots of storage
  • Excellent Grand Design Customer Service

The Bad

  • Minor repairs need by some buyers
  • Some reported awning leaks
  • Some reported loose latch doors
  • Exposed nails report by some

Summary of Grand Design Imagine

Overall we along with many buyers feel the Imagine is an excellent travel trailer. It appears Grand Design is responsive to customer issues, however that might not be the case with the local dealers. The layout is excellent and the trailer tows very well. Excellent camper for singles or couples, and if you have kids their is a floor plan with bunk beds.

Northwood Arctic Fox Classic

Built Solid and Well-Appointed.

Learn More About Northwood Arctic Fox

Overall RatingFloor PlansLengthWeightSleeps
[usr 4]423′ 10″ to 30′ 0″5,254 lbs to 7,140 lbs UVW4-6

The Northwood Arctic Fox is one very capable travel trailer. It features an independently certified off-road chassis and fully welded thick-wall aluminum frame construction. The four available floor plans offer decent layout designs. The interior of the Arctic Fox is very well appointed and the use of quality material is evident throughout. All models can be made generator ready as an option. This wide-body floor plan measures 8′ 6″ inches its width which gives the interior lots of space. You won’t have a problem moving around in this camper.

The chassis is built by Northwood and is certified by Pacific West Associates and independent engineering firm. These travel trailers are built and designed for northern climates so they are very well insulated. All their cabinets have solid wood doors and are built using residential face-frame construction.

Feature List

This is a partial list of the features available on the Northwood Arctic Fox Classic

  • Independently certified off-road chassis
  • Fully welded aluminum frame construction
  • One-piece, Corona treated, continuous fiberglass
  • High-density black foam insulation
  • 4-season insulation
  • Heated holding tanks
  • 13,500 BTU A/C
  • 20-watt solar panel / sidewall solar port
  • Outside speakers
  • 19-inch LED TV and Bluetooth radio
  • Solid surface countertops
  • Built-in microwave
  • 10 cubic feet refrigerator
  • Queen mattress and USB charging ports on either side of bed

The Good

  • Roomy kitchen area
  • Great storage space
  • Heated couch
  • Auto leveling
  • 4-season insulation

The Bad

  • Poor workmanship reported by some owners
  • Issues with interior workmanship
  • Might have refrigerator issues at high elevation

Summary of Northwood Arctic Fox Classic

Overall this is a very well-built travel trailer except for some that left the assembly line without being properly inspected. It is a sturdy camper and the 4-season insulation allows you to go just about anywhere. It tows well with an F250 truck and is very easy to operate. Do get the thermal pane windows for added comfort. The 10 cubic feet fridge is a big plus. Northwood is not our list of best RV brands not because they aren’t but because I want to keep the list concise. Northwood always gets good reviews from owners.

Lance 1985

Your private oasis features full width aft bathroom.

Learn About The Lance 1984

Overall RatingFloor PlansLengthWeightSleeps
[usr 4.3]218′ 9″5,700 lbs GVWR4

The Lance Camper 1985 is definitely right at the top of one of the travel trailers we will consider purchasing when we are ready. There are several reasons we like this camper and one of the biggest reason is that is uses Azdel for the interior panel walls.

In addition to the Azdel it has a dry bath versus a wet bath which means the shower and toilet are separate. The bathroom has plenty of storage and a skylight above the shower. The Lance 1985 incorporates a slide out that adds more living space and it features a queen bed. The convertible sofa at the foot of the bed adds more sleeping space as well.

The interior design is very modern and comes in 3 optional styles. It doesn’t look like your typical travel trailer materials. The kitchen has a 3-range burner and a 7 cubic feet refrigerator. There is a selection of about two dozen optional equipment choices you can make if needed.

Feature List

  • Aluminum framed sidewalls, floor, and ceiling
  • Azdel interior panels walls and block foam insulation
  • Laminated insulated floor and ceiling
  • 1 piece crowned PVC roof
  • 12V USB charging
  • Bluetooth radio with DVD player with interior and exterior speakers
  • Power roof vent in the bathroom
  • Pre-wired for solar, SAT cable, Roof AC
  • HD TV antenna
  • Sytem monitor panel with LED battery indicator
  • Exterior wash station
  • 3-burner stainless range with stainless steel range hood
  • Skylight in galley/dinette area

The Good

  • Azdel construction
  • Excellent floor plan layout
  • Lots high-quality standard features
  • Queen bed
  • Separate toilet and shower

The Bad

  • Raided dinette no liked by some
  • The sofa at the foot of the bed can be a hassle for some
  • Some leaks reports around roof vents

Summary of Lance 1985

Overall Lance is well-know for making quality travel trailers. In most cases, they use top of the line materials to build their campers. The interior is well-designed and the styling is modern. They are by no means cheap. The Lance 1985 has an MSRP of over $44K. Around 2017 it appears that there we some workmanship issues as these campers were selling fact and Lance might have had trouble keeping up with production. Based on more recent owner reviews that might have passed and is no longer a major issue.

Jayco Jay Flight

Best selling family travel trailer in America.

Learn About The Jayco Jay Flight

Overall RatingFloor PlansLengthWeightSleeps
[usr 4]1825′ 6″ -40′ 4″6,500 – 10,950 lbs GVWR4 – 6

Jayco has been around since 1968 and have led the RV industry with many innovations in camper manufacturing. It’s no wonder the Jayco Jay Flight is one of the best selling family campers in the industry. It is available in a whopping 18 different floor plans so there is definitely one or two that will fit your needs.

The Jay Flight has an interior that looks great and has features that give the interior a very high-end look. A queen mattress with an optional king mattress on select models provides comfort and space. Some models also have washer and dryer prep. You get the Elite Package which is standard on all models of the Jay Flight provides an AM/FM/CD/DVD player with MP3 input, Bluetooth and HDMI.

The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and an 8-cubic foot refrigerator an 18-cubic foot is standard on some of the larger floor plans. 3-range burner and pullout faucet can also be found in the kitchen.

On the outside, you get lots of storage with pass-through storage compartments and they are all keyed-alike which is pretty neat. You get an extra-large entry door which measures 30-inch by 73-inch.

The Jay Flight is built with a cambered structural steel I-beams and a fully integrated A-frame. There is 5/8-inch tongue-and-groove plywood flooring and Jayco’s Magnum Truss Roof System

Feature List

  • I-class cambered structural steel-beams
  • Integrated A-Frame
  • 5/8 tongue-and-groove plywood floor decking
  • Magnum Truss Roof System
  • 30-amp service
  • Pull-out or outside kitchen (depends on floor plan)
  • Front diamond plate
  • Stabilizer jack (4) with sand pads
  • 81-inch ceiling heights
  • Seamless solid-surface countertops
  • 3-burner stove
  • Range hood
  • Security and backup camera prep

The Good

  • Excellent choice of floor plans
  • Tows easily
  • Huge shower
  • Lots of room and storage

The Bad

  • Hit or miss on build quality
  • No battery disconnect might be issues for some buyers
  • Poor Jayco customer service according to some owners

Summary of Jayco Jay Flight

Just because you are the number 1 selling family travel trailer means its all peachy. From the reviews, I read Jayco workmanship and response to consumer issues can be hit or miss. Some owners rave about how well their unit was made while a minority described it as “junk”. It seems they hit that mark more often than not so you need to be sure when you buy a Jay Flight you have a dealer who is responsive and can take care of issues. This by the way is for any travel trailer manufacturer.

Highland Ridge RV Ultra Lite

SUV’s Love The Ultra Lite

Learn About The Highland Ridge Ultra Lite

Overall RatingFloor PlansLengthWeightSleeps
[usr 4]926′ 9″ -37′ 5″7,400 – 8,995 lbs GVWR2 – 6

Highland Ridge RV Ultra Lite travel trailer is available in 9 floor plans two of which have bunk beds/bunkhouse. This camper includes a dry bath and a queen bed as standard features. All plans include a slide out for added living space. The bedroom has lots of storage above and to the sides of the bed.

Two unique features of the Ultra Lite is the arched ceiling throughout and a 25-year non-prorated roof warranty. One of the longest in the RV industry.

The main body on the Ultra Lite is built on an I-beam chassis and drawbars. It comes with an Equa-Flex suspension, and nitrogen filled tires and aluminum wheels. The underbelly is fully enclosed and circulated heated air around the suspended heating tanks to prevent freezing. The walls are and the slide-out roof all are made using a double-welded aluminum frame and laminated rigid foam insulation.

Feature List

  • 5k A/C Quiet Residential Return
  • 30# LP Bottles (2)
  • 32 Cu. Ft. Pass-Thru Storage
  • Arched Vaulted Ceiling
  • Key-Alike System
  • Laminated Floor w/ 24″ On Center Floor Joists
  • LP Quick Connect
  • .9 Cu. Ft. Microwave
  • 8 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator
  • LED ceiling lights
  • Recliner or theater seats depends on the model
  • 60′ x 80″ convertible Queen bed with extension
  • Hanging shirt closet
  • Nightstands with drawers
  • A solid interior bedroom door
  • 50 am service
  • 52 gallon fresh water capacity

The Good

  • Very well-designed floor plan layout
  • Roomy interior with lots of storage
  • Arched ceiling
  • Stainless appliances
  • Nice interior decor

The Bad

  • Past year models have suffered from poor workmanship
  • Some reported problems with water system
  • Loose nuts and screws have been reported around doors
  • Others have reported missing insulation in some part of the underbelly.

Summary of the Highland Ridge RV Ultra Lite

Like most other travel trailer manufacturers Highland RV suffer from poor quality workmanship in some of their models. However, it seems issues are addressed quickly either by the dealer or Highland themselves.

We like the floor plans, appliances, and interior decor, even though the dinette cushions can use a bit thicker foam. Overall a nice camper that should give you many years of service.

Best Travel Trailer Summary

If you have any experiences you want to share or have questions please post them below.

Choosing the best travel trailer for you and your family is a very important decision. A decision you should not make quickly. There are many factors to consider when choosing an RV that right for you. The 5 top travel trailer we have listed here will be suitable for many buyers, but not for all. Your situation, your needs and how you intend to use the camper are unique to you. Do your research, consult manufacturers, dealers and most importantly other owners of the same travel trailer brand or models you are interested in.

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  1. It seems for the money and especially the reliability and durability the Oliver 23.5 ft is hands down the better choice, although the Airstream Serentity at 30 ft is a close competitor. Between the two the Airstream is longer but a lot more expensive.
    Probably comes down to money and preference

    • Hi Rick,
      My husband and I tend to agree. Oliver makes a really nice travel trailer. Though it is more expensive the quality and reliability according to owners is pretty good. Like just about anything else you get what you pay for. Thanks for your comments, very much appreciated.

  2. Hello
    Very well done piece of information. I just want to ask you why did you leave the Venture travel trailers out…I have been researching for approximately one year and to me, the Lance and Venture travel trailers are some of the best in the market.


    • Hi Hugo, I’ve researched quite a few travel trailers and had not come across Venture before. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. I will take a look at them in detail. Cheers and Happy New Years.

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