Camping vs Glamping

In this post, we compare camping vs glamping. Many who already own an RV even a pop-up camper can consider themselves already in the glamping world. For those who are not sure of the difference, read on.

Camping. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Is it appealing? Is it off-putting? Now think about glamping and ask yourself the same questions.

Many people desire a getaway spending time in the great outdoors and for much more than just a day on the lake. If the opportunity becomes available, it is a perfect chance to really get out in nature and experience the world differently than we normally would in our day to day life.

Camping in itself doesn’t necessarily mean “roughing it” anymore, which is why the term glamping was eventually created. Maybe someone wants that nature experience but with a bit more of a homey touch at the same time.

Whether camping or glamping is the direction chosen, you’ll definitely need to research it to plan out your next adventure.

Decide ahead of time what exactly you want that trip to look like and figure out which type would work best for your situation. Let’s compare the two to get some of that research out of the way!

Here are some of the differences between camping and glamping.


This is the biggest difference between camping vs glamping is the type of shelter. By using the word shelter means what you will be staying in. A normal and traditional way to camp is to stay in a tent with the bedding being a sleeping bag or a sleepover pallet style with blankets and pillows.

Tents don’t have electricity, so this means there is no control of temperature unless a fan or heater is included on your packing list. Also, keep a lamp or flashlight inside for whenever the light is needed.

Glamping has a few different options for shelter. RVs and travel trailers continue to gain popularity. This is where that “homey” touch comes into play since you will be in nature, but with electricity, a bed, running water, a restroom, etc.

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A yurt can also be considered glamping even though it is still technically a tent. Cabins can provide that elevated glamping experience as well.

If safety and security need to be a priority, be sure to decide between whether a tent with a zipper from the inside is safe enough in that environment, or if you’d feel better with a door that locks and need to be in a camper or cabin.


Planning out meals ahead of time is key, especially for when you’re choosing how to experience this kind of retreat. Camping will require just about everything to be cooked over a self-made fire pit unless there is a charcoal grill at the site.

With glamping, you’ll have a bit more range of what and how to cook.

Cooking while camping will most likely need a bit more time to prepare compared to having a kitchen in a camper. The storage of food is important to think about as well.

With glamping, you won’t need to worry if you have a refrigerator and storage space.

If you choose to go the camping route, an ice chest is almost necessary. Storage containers or bags will be needed as well to keep critters from helping themselves to the food.

Don’t forget a nice cast iron Dutch oven as well.

Temperature Control

This is important and can definitely be a deal-breaker for some. It is obvious that camping means no electricity, so you’ll need to choose the time of year, and location wisely. Be sure to bring either a fan or heater depending on the outside temperature.

If the lack of temperature control is the deal-breaker, glamping can give you that sense of relief knowing you will be comfortable at night knowing the outside temperature will not affect the inside of the camper.

Any of these portable generators will work for campers.


It doesn’t matter if camping or glamping is the chosen direction of the trip; the neighbors will be the same. These neighbors include raccoons, birds, snakes, deer, bugs, and many others just depending on location. The difference here is basically how close you want to be to them.

Camping is going to really put you out of a familiar element. It is such a unique experience feeling like you’re one with nature. Even though you are zipped up away in a tent, the material is so thin that the sounds of creatures at night will give off a feeling of extreme closeness to them.

Glamping will still allow that experience, but with more of a safe distance away from any outside disturbances.


This is a big difference. When it comes to camping, you will not have your own designated shower. Some campsites have some type of outdoor shower and restroom, but it’s not always an option.

Since camping is so popular, you can find products to make this easier such as showering, using the restroom, and other hygiene helpers online and at your local outdoor essentials store.

Water is needed for all of this. Access to it needs to be considered, even with a travel trailer. Make sure you have access or bring water with you, and with a trailer, you’ll need to know if there are hookups available.


Lastly, entertainment and activities need to be planned. Normally in any kind of camping or glamping trip, you have the same activities including hiking, fishing, swimming, and exploring.

However, if you are traveling with children or someone who is needing electronics, whether that be a phone or TV, then glamping might be a better option.

Even though watching TV isn’t a normal outdoor activity, some may want to be able to have a bit of normalcy and turn on the news or watch a movie as they head to bed.

With children, the outdoors can either be a chance to create memories and explore, or too much of a change from the norm. That being said, most kids will end up taking that time to explore, but it may not last a whole day or trip in its entirety.

Having the option of a TV or game console in a glamping style experience may be appealing for the times that they need a break from the change in scenery and lifestyle.

Camping vs Glamping

As you can see there is a place for both camping and glamping. Each one has its pros and cons. It’s just a matter of preference and budget.

Tammy and I prefer glamping most of the time however in some areas where we have to hike to get their good old primitive camping is the way to go. Whichever you choose to have fun and stay safe. BTW glamping in a retro camper or even a tent camping trailer seems to be quite popular these days.

Ray Roman is the co-owner/author of Go Travel Trailers. He is the main contributor of content and an avid researcher of travel trailers and the RV lifestyle. He loves fly fishing, vacationing in Red River, NM, and spending time with family and friends.

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