Do Travel Trailers Have Generators?

Last Updated on Aug 26, 2019 by Ray Roman

Do travel trailers have generators? Generally speaking, the answer is no, travel trailers do not come with built-in generators. The only RVs I have seen with built-in generators are some 5th wheels, and of course, motor coaches. Other than those I have yet to come across a typical pull-behind travel trailer that has a built-in gen set.

Does that mean you can’t use a generator if you wanted to? The answer is also no, you can use a generator to power your travel trailer if shore power (power pedestal at campsites) is not available.

Since travel trailers have a very low power consumption it is not too hard to find a small portable generator that will power what you need. Read our recommendation for the best RV generator.

What Size Generator for a Travel Trailer?

Determining the size of the generator you will need for your travel trailer will depend on just what you intend to tower. Most campers will typically power an air-conditioner, refrigerator, a television, and lights.

How many watts does it take to run an RV air conditioner?

For a 15,000 BTU a/c unit you will probably need a 3,300-3,500W generator. Keep in mid generators have a starting watts rating and a running watts rating. a 3,500W generator will start your a/c and will keep it running with some wattage to spare for other uses.

Adding a Generator to a Travel Trailer

If you are looking to add a generator to your travel trailer then look no further than Mod Your RV. Their website has dozens of DIY modification you can do to your travel trailer. Adding a generator is explained right here.

Another option you may have is to optionally order your dealer to prep your travel trailer for a generator. This will involve running all the necessary wiring, installing a transfer switch, and install all of the needed outlets for a proper connection. This will cost you extra but it is probably worth it in the long run.


Finding a travel trailer with a built-in generator is nearly impossible. Your option will be to either use a portable generator or mod your RV with a gen set. Before choosing a method you have to determine your needs first. Will you be mostly boondocking or campsite RVing? How much wattage will you be needing? Once you know this than making the right decision on a generator for your travel trailer should be easy.

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