Q. What is Go Travel Trailers about?
A. Go Travel Trailers is an online resource on travel trailers featuring articles on travel trailer manufacturers, models, and floor plans, maintenance tips, and industry news.

Q. Is Go Travel Trailers associated with any manufacturers or dealer?
A. NO!, we are not associated with or connected to any manufacturer or dealer.

Q. Do you accept paid advertisements from industry businesses such as dealers, manufacturers, etc.?
A. On this site, you will find Google Adsense display ads which we have very little control over, and paid ads from businesses in the travel trailer industry.

Q. Do paying advertisers influence your article or critique?
A. Absolutely not. I strive to provide information that is not influenced by advertisers who have chosen to display their ads on our website. When I review a travel trailer or spotlight a specific model I am are going to give you both cons and pros (if genuinely available).

Q. Do you own every travel trailer you review?
A. I’d be very poor if I did. Our travel trailer content is usually comprised of the following 4 types.

  1. The author owns the travel trailer they are reviewing
  2. I have researched forums, Facebook groups etc. to gain insight into the travel trailer I am reviewing
  3. A local dealer has granted me permission to do a thorough walk-through and review
  4. The article is a ‘spotlight” rather than a review.