How Much Do Pop Up Trailers Cost?

On average, a pop-up travel trailer is going to cost you anywhere $5,000 or less used up to well over $20,000 new.

Here are 7 pop-up campers and their typical price. These can have hard sides such as the Aliner while other have tent extension are either end like the Forest River.

Average cost of 7 popup campers.

2020 Coachmen Viking Express $ 6,977.00
2020 Aliner Classic $ 24,499.00
2019 Aliner Somerset $ 19,995.00
2019 Forest Rivers Rockwood Hard side $ 14,995.00
2019 Coachmen Clipper V-trec V3 $ 15,995.00
2020 Forest River Flagstaff Hardside $ 15,996.00
2020 Opus Outback Off-Raod $ 27,181.00

Here are related questions often asked when shopping for a pop-up camper.

Are there bathrooms in pop up campers?

You are not going to find a typical bathroom in a pop-up camper. What you will find are portable composting toilets also known as cassette toilets.

Does Coleman still make pop up campers?

Since 2012 no pop-up campers bearing the Coleman name have been produced. There are however several companies including Forest Rivers and Aliner that make pop up campers similar to the Coleman camper of yesteryear.

Do pop up campers have air conditioning?

Yes most have air conditioning as either a standard piece of equipment or as an option. for a roof-mounted A/V your camper will need to have a hard roof., if not their are portable stand-up A/V units you can buy.

Should I cover my pop up camper?

It’s always a good idea to cover your pop up camper after you have used. However, if your pop up has gotten wet due to rain, or dew than leave it open until it dries completely before you cover it. This prevents moisture from being trapped under the cover and increasing your chances of mold or rot.

What are the best pop up campers?

This is a very tough question to answer because a lot depends on your budget and your needs. Coachmen, Forest River, Aliner, Sylvan all make excellent pop yo camper all in different price ranges and features. Determine what you need, how much you can afford then check out the various brands and RV trader for good deals.

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