How to Sell Your RV [10 Tips For A Successful Sale]

Selling your travel trailer, RV or camper is not as easy as putting a “For sale” indication behind your rig and crossing fingers. Purchasing an RV is a huge investment that clients don’t take very lightly. This means selling it could take plenty of time, hence, “How to sell my travel trailer” or “how to sell my RV” or “how to sell my camper” are questions that have been giving some people sleepless nights.

The best way to sell it is to do it yourself. Using this method instead of hiring someone to do it for you will save you lots of money and put you in full control of the sale. This article will give you tips on how to sell your travel trailer and save money. 

1. Deciding the Fair Value & Paying Attention to Competition

Just like cars, recreational vehicles depreciate in a similar manner but in larger amounts. The value depends on the make and model, the number of years among others. You can go to sites that advertise the year, make and model of your car to help you know the worth of your sale. 

You’ll have to beat or match your competitors’ prices and ensure that yours is in a better financial, physical and legal condition than theirs, to sell yours quickly. If yours is damaged, smells bad, is outdated, or is upside-down financially, you’ll have a hard time selling it unless you are ready to reduce its price drastically. 

2. Price it Correctly 

Do not forget that a buyer’s definition of good condition is quite different from your personal definition. Since what the buyer thinks is what counts, your coach is only worth the amount he’ll be prepared to pay for it. 

If you price it really high, it will languish and lose value but if it’s too cheap, it’ll sell faster and you’ll have lied to yourself financially. After figuring out the worth of your coach, choose a fair price which will enable you to sell faster but within a sensible period of time.

3. Time Your Sale 

When the price of gas is high, people will be less interested in buying, and the opposite is true for when gas prices drop. In a bad economy, selling is pretty difficult but in a good economy, people are most likely to buy since they can afford. Advertise in the first months of the year rather than during holidays since people are too occupied to go looking.

4. Prepare it for Viewing

RVs sell even better when staged. You need to wash and empty the basement storage, keep utilities connected, ensure all systems work, get rid of your personal items, make all the repairs, replace worn out or stained items, keep the fact sheets and pertinent brochures available, hang a few brightly-colored towels inside the bathroom, raise the blinds and play soft music. 

You’ll also need to put a tiny plant in a brightly-colored container inside the bathroom, start the furnace or put on the coach’s AC depending on the weather, have some freshly baked cookies and hot coffee on the kitchen’s counter, leave a bouquet of flowers (silk) on the kitchen table. Don’t forget to degrease and pressure-wash the generator and engine. 

If you need to spruce up your RV or just need a thorough cleaning check out this article I wrote on maintaining your travel trailer. It includes lots of cleaning tips for you to follow.

5. Present it Nicely

No one will be impressed by a couch that is in a junk or dirty yard. Most people will be attracted to it if it’s sitting near a lovely home that has a manicured lawn. You need to present what you are selling in an attractive area, not in a place that looks abandoned. You can drive it to a park that has prospective buyers, you can place it temporarily in a beautiful campground or park it on the driveway of a friend that has a nice home. 

6. Use Cost-effective Advertising Methods & Prepare the AD

Use online options for advertising rather than print advertising since it’s very costly. Online reputable options will offer a good opportunity for potential clients to view your advert. You can post indications for sale on the window with phone number and pricing.

Use a nice camera to take photos from all angles and store them on your computer. Choose the best ones for your ads. Keep your ad simple and use lists instead of wordy descriptions. Ensure your ad is correct and grammatically right. Store this in the computer in case of any edits. 

Do place a “For Sale” sign on your RV. I recommend these for sale sign available on Amazon because they let you write in the make, model and year which is helpful to the prospective buyer.

7. Post a Video

Posting a video is a nice idea especially if you’ve got the pieces of equipment to do so. You’ll lose watchers if you start a video explaining why you’re selling. Just talk about your couch. Watch the video before posting it on several sites for full exposure. 

8. Keep it Legal

You’ll need the help of an attorney if you do not have a clear title but if you do, you can utilize standard sales agreements and DMV paperwork to sell. Lenders don’t give out titles if liens aren’t paid and the sellers can’t pay without getting the money from the sale. Buyers won’t drive in an untitled unit but the help of an attorney will bring a sense of security. 

9. Close the Deal

This is the most crucial part of the sale after taking the buyer for a driving test. Ask the buyer if they’ve any other question if they think it suits their purpose, what they’ve decided, and if they’re ready to make a deal. 

If the buyer negotiates, ensure you have the bottom price in your mind and take the offer if his/her offer is closer to yours. The moment you get a dated, signed, witnessed binder and cash, you’ve got a deal. Request a non-refundable down-payment since you’ll lose all potential buyers as you wait to close the deal. 

10. Delivery Day 

Accompany the buyer to the bank on the delivery day, the lawyer’s office and the DMV to ensure everything is done right. When the buyer drives it away, you’ll have lots of money with you, which is a good feeling, and the new owners will now enjoy the same benefits you enjoyed over the years. 


The process of selling your coach sounds quite complicated but these tips have shown how simple the whole process can be. You just need to do things calmly and in an orderly way while ensuring the legal paperwork is right and that it serves your purpose. The other part is being honest while talking to potential buyers. 

Ray Roman is the owner/author of Go Travel Trailers. He is the main contributor of content and an avid researcher of travel trailers and the RV lifestyle. He loves flyfishing, vacationing in Red River, NM, and spending time with family and friends.