Installing an RV Toilet Paper Holder

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Surprisingly there are some travel trailers that do not have a toilet paper holder. Ithis post, I’ll take a look at three option to install one in your travel trailer.

I have found these three methods of installing a toilet paper holder in an RV to work very well.

  1. Drill into an interior wall
  2. Suction type toilet paper holder
  3. Free-standing toilet paper holder

Install Using Screws

This method involves drilling into the wall of your travel trailer to mount the holder. This method is the most permanent and also the most secure.

Chances are you will be attaching the toilet paper holder to one of the interior hollow walls of your RV. You will want to use molly wall anchors to attach the toilet paper holder. 

These molly wall anchors are inexpensive and will do the job quite well. They come in a 24 piece set with 3 different sizes. You can check the latest pricing on Amazon.

If you are installing against the side of a vanity or other hard surfaces think about using plastic wall anchors for a more solid fit. 

Here is a nice toilet paper holder you can easily install in your RV.

How to install an RV toilet paper holder

Suction Cup Toilet Paper Holder

If you do not want to drill holes in your travel trailer’s wall then consider a toilet paper holder for your RV that does not need holes in your wall. 

A suction cup toilet paper holder will adhere to any non-porous surface. The BOPai vacuum suction cup toilet paper holder requires no tools for installation. The suction cup is s high-quality silicone that provides strong scalability and good air tightness. The 3-inch suction cup and withstand 7.5 pounds so it can easily hold toilet paper or a towel.

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder For Your RV

Your final option if neither of the above is to your liking is to purchase a free-standing toilet paper holder. There are many different ones you can buy but I like the InterDesign Classico. This one let me not only hold a roll of toilet paper but also lets me store two more just underneath. It’s brushed stainless steel so it look good in just about any decor.

RV Toilet Paper FAQ

While we are on the subject of toilet paper let’s I found some answers to frequently asked question about toilet paper for RVs.

  1. Is it OK to use regular toilet paper in an RV? The short answer is if it is safe to use in your home’s septic tank it will be okay to use in your travel trailer. The key feature to consider is how easily and quickly the toilet paper dissolves in your travel trailers’ black tank. Toilet paper labeled “Safe for Septic Systems” is just as good as one labeled for RV use which tends to be a bit higher in price.
  2. Do you really need a special toilet paper for your RV? Yes. You need to use toilet paper labeled “Safe for Septic Tanks” or “Safe for RVs”. These dissolve faster than typical toilet paper.
  3. How important is RV toilet paper? It’s very important since you want to make sure the paper dissolves easily and quickly in your black tank. It will help prevent clogs and makes it easier to dump your tank.
  4. What is the best RV toilet paper? One of the highest rated RV toilet paper on Amazon is the Thetford Aqua-soft toilet tissue. It’s a rapid dissolving tissue that is 100% biodegradable.