Keurig Coffee Maker For RV [My Top Pick ]

If you like RVing, you will acknowledge the need to carry a coffee maker along with you. A nicely prepared coffee comes in handy after you have gone for adventure the whole day. While the need for a coffee maker is unarguably necessary, many RVers do not know the best product to go for. If you are looking for a coffee maker for your RVing, look no further because Keurig K-Mini Plus coffee maker for your camper is one of our Tops Picks.

Features of The Keuring K-Mini Plus

i. Pod storage

This cup can hold nine k-cup pods while fitting in a brewer to render ultimate portability. Every RV lover knows the importance of saving the available space. Keurig coffee maker for RV is made to conserve the little space in your RV.

ii. Removable cup reservoir

When you are RVing, the last thing you’d like is to have a dirty RV. The removable cup reservoir helps you to maintain cleanliness because it enables easy cleaning and filling. You are only required to add fresh water for each brew.

iii. Fits anywhere

The coffee maker is less than five inches wide. If you are wondering where to keep it in your vehicle, worry no more since it can fit anywhere. This makes it a useful item to have in your RV since you can shift its position when need be.

iv. Flexibility

The coffee maker gives you the liberty to prepare any amount of drink you need. You can make any cup size between 6-12 oz. This kind of flexibility helps you to save on time and only prepare the required amount of coffee.

v. Energy efficiency

The device is made with an auto-off technology that turns the coffee maker off 90 seconds after the last brew. Every RVing enthusiast should look for such a device that will save energy.

How To Use The Keuring RV Coffee Maker

The Keurig coffee maker for RV is effortlessly simple to use. Follow these steps to make your coffee.

  1. Add fresh water to the removable reservoir
  2. Place the needed k-cup pod
  3. Brew the coffee by pressing the brew button
  4. After a few minutes, you will enjoy a freshly brewed and delicious coffee.

It is important to note that the brewer should be stored in a safe and frost-free environment when it’s not in use. If you had kept the brewer in an environment below freezing, you should let it warm to room temperature for about 2 hours before using it.


  • Brews fast and produce fresh coffee
  • It can fit anywhere
  • Allows for brewing different cup sizes
  • Simple to use
  • Cord storage for easy transportation
  • Energy efficient


  • K-cups are not recyclable
  • K-cups are more expensive than bagged coffee
  • Some quality issues
  • Sometimes stops working all-together


Without a doubt, if you are planning to go for an RVing adventure, you need to carry a coffee maker with you. Luckily, the Keurig coffee maker is available for you. It is a useful device that’s provided in a convenient size to fit anywhere in your RV. It comes with amazing features such as a removable reservoir, pod storage, and excellent energy efficiency.

It is obviously not one of the more expensive models they make so you can expect some quality issues. However, it is small, lightweight and takes up very little counter space and that is one of the main reasons I like it.

I would strongly recommend this coffee maker to everyone who needs to have a nice little coffee maker for their camper.

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