Pool Antifreeze vs RV Antifreeze (What to Know)

In this post, we are going to compare pool antifreeze vs RV antifreeze. Let’s get started with our comparison.

Pool Antifreeze vs RV Antifreeze

What is Swimming pool antifreeze?

Swimming pool antifreeze contains propylene glycol and helps prevent your swimming pool pipes from freezing in the winter. Below is a highly rated swimming pool antifreeze available on Amazon.

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  • Non-toxic and alcohol free

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To use pool antifreeze you have two options. One way is to use a hose as follows:

  • Get a hose and a funnel
  • Open the lid to the pump
  • Connect the hose to the pipe leading into the pump
  • Pour the antifreeze into the funnel

Your other option is to just pour the antifreeze into the pool skimmer. Avoid pouring any antifreeze into the pool.

Once the winter has passed and you are ready to use your pool make sure to thoroughly drain the pool antifreeze from the pool’s plumbing system.

Caution: Never use automtove antifreeze in your pool or RV pipes. It is made from ethylene glycol which is toxic. It should never mix with chlorine. Even a small amount of each will result in a chemical reaction of very dangerous and toxic hydrogen carbon.

What is RV Antifreeze?

RV antifreeze uses the same propylene glycol solution as swimming pool antifreeze. It is used in a similar manner to prevent your RV pipes from freezing in the winter. You use the RV antifreeze to fill the lines in your RV.

This is a good brand of RV antifreeze that is highly rated on Amazon:

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Here is my step-by-step guide to winterizing your RV.

When RV season returns you simply flush all your lines to remove the RV antifreeze.

Pool Antifreeze vs RV Antifreeze Differences

FeaturesPool AntifreezeRV Antifreeze
Made from:Propylene GlycolPropylene Glycol
Used for:Prevent freezing pipesPrevent Freezing pipes
Color:Usually blueUsually pink

Essentially there is no difference between swimming pool antifreeze and RV antifreeze other than the color. Some brands market their product to be used for both pools and RVs.

Tip: When de-winterizing your RV lines use a water system cleaner and deodorizers like this one from Camco. It will stop any foul odors and bad tastes in your water lines.

Can You Use RV Antifreeze in Pool Lines?

Yes, you can use RV antifreeze in pool lines as they are both made from propylene glycol which is considered non-toxic by the FDA.

Pool Antifreeze Vs RV Antifreeze Conclusion

At the end of the day, our conclusion is that you can use RV antifreeze and swimming pool antifreeze interchangeably. Your decision on which one to use will depend on the price you’ll have to pay and availability in your area. You might be closer to a pool supply store than an RV store. If neither is available purchase online.

If at all possible use the product made for your intended use. Instructions for use, and how it is supposed to be diluted can differ from one to the other.

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