RV Warranties – 100 RV Manufacturers Warranty Information

Your RV warranty is what covers your RV from manufacturers’ defects once you have purchased. RV warranties can vary in terms of length of coverage and what it covers.

Some RV brands cover bumper to bumper whiles other are more limited in what coverage they provide. Some RV brands go as far as providing limited time warranties on the structural components of the camper. In this post, I set out to get information on 100 RV manufacturers and the warranty they provide for their line of RVs.

What I found was very interesting in terms of what coverage was provided. You’ll find the table below summarizes what they offer. Here are some of the things that stood to me while doing this research.

What I Learned Researching 100 RV Warranties

  • The majority of travel trailers (pull-behinds, towables) only offer a 12-month warranty and in most cases, it’s a limited warranty.
  • Motorcoach manufacturers also provide a 1-year / 15,000 miles which come first warranty for the most part. However, they do provide a longer warranty for the structure of the motorcoach. The structural warranty can range from 2-5 years.
  • Most of the RV builders provide no coverage of their own on accessories or components they did not manufacturers. So if your refrigerator breaks down you have to deal with the manufacturer of the unit. In most cases Dometic since they provide most RV makers with their units.
  • Warranty transferability is something I found is not offered by many RV brands. They only warrant the unit to the original purchaser.

Brands With RV Warranties That Are Better Than Typical

  • Tiffen Motorhomes
  • Pleasureway
  • Panoramic
  • K-Z RV
  • Hallmark
  • Fore Travel
  • Earth Roamer

Disclaimer: Every effort was taken to get accurate information. However, some manufacturers do not have easily accessible warranty information on their website. Those that did not have their RV warranty on their website an email was sent requesting information. If they replied it was posted. If the have not replied it will state RV Warranty information pending from manufacturers. Always do your due diligence and check with the manufacturers or dealers to ensure you have the most updated information on the warranty of the RV you own or intend to purchase.

100 RV Manufacturers Warranty Information

RV Type Legend:

  • TT= Travel Trailer
  • TC= Truck Camper
  • B= Class B
  • FC= Folding/Pop Up Campers
  • FW- Fifth/5th Wheel
  • DT= Destination Trailers
  • A= Class A
  • TD= Teardrop
  • TH= Toy Hauler
  • C= Class C
  • XV= Expedition Vehicle

You can search via the RV manufacturer’s name below.

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