Top 10 Small Camping Trailers 2021

Small camping trailers these days have many features and amenities that make them campers to consider is you don’t want to buy a pickup just to tow one around. Small travel trailers can usually be towed with a light truck (Toyota Tacoma), a Jeep Wrangler, and/or a mid-sized SUV and in some cases a crossover vehicle. But what makes a travel trailer a “small camping trailer”? To keep this list relevant we placed the following limits on our list of Top 10 small camping trailers:

  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) should not exceed 5,000 pounds
  • The length of the camper (minus the hitch length) should not exceed 20 feet

1. Jayco Jay Feather Micro


The Jayco Jay Feather Micro is a small and lightweight travel trailer that has a gross weight ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. This makes the Jay Feather Micro an ideal camper to be towed with a light truck, mid-sized SUV, and even certain crossover vehicles.

The Micro is available in five-floor plans. All but the smallest floor plan (12SRK) have a bathroom. Here is the 166FBS floor plan. As you can see the dry bath for this camper is located in the rear and includes a separate toilet and shower.

Jay Feather Micro 166FBS

In addition, the Jay Feather Micro includes residential-style kitchen countertops with a 3-burner cooktop. This floorplan also has a jackknife sofa and Jayco’s new patent-pending trays.

Visit Jayco to learn more.

2. Happier Camper

small travel trailer

The Happier Camper is still one of our favorite small camping trailers not only for its cool retro look but also because of its versatility. Inside the all fiberglass body you’ll find the Adaptiv modular system. It easily lets you customize the interior layout of the small camper by using cubes or Adaptiv components.

Now they offer two models the HC1 and the HCT “Traveler” which has a longer floor plan.

The Adaptiv components include a bench/bed, storage cubes, kitchenette, and many more.

Visit Happier Camper for more information.

3. Forest River R-Pod

ultralight small travel trailer

The Forest River R-Pod is another of the available small camping trailers you should consider. It is available in 11-floor plans, the RP-202 is the heaviest with an unloaded weight of 4,574 lbs.

Forest River R Pod small camping trailer

It is constructed on a powder-coated steel frame and comes equipped with a power tongue jack, self-adjusting electric brakes, and much more. The interior has designer Carefree flooring, solid lumber core cabinet fronts, central vacuum, LED interior lighting and it is solar prepped. One feature we like that has been added is a dry bath in certain models as opposed to a wet bath which we don’t particularly like.

You can see all Forest River R-Pod floor plans here.

4. Casita Travel Trailers Liberty Deluxe

The Casita travel trailer is an all-fiberglass camper available in 5-floor plans with each floor plan having a standard and deluxe model. The fiberglass shell is a two-piece marine-grade shell. There is a top and bottom half that are sealed together with fiberglass.

What’s great about this method of construction is the roof has no seams, which makes this camper virtually waterproof, durable and, lightweight. The interior and exterior are both super easy to clean.

small camping trailers

The frame is constructed of heavy-duty steel which improves underbody strength and helps in protecting the travel trailer from the road and rough terrain damage.

The Casita is available in 5-floor plans and each floor plan has a standard version and a deluxe version. The major difference is the deluxe has a bathroom. It’s a wet bath which means the shower and toilet are in the same compartment.

You can view all of their travel trailers by visiting their website.

5. Sylvan Sport Go

Sylvan Go Pop Up Camper

The Sylvan Sport Go is described by its manufacture as the “Swiss Army Knife” of small camping trailers. Not only that but National Geographics called the Go the “Coolest Camper Ever”.

There are many things that make the Sylvan Go cool and one of them is the ability to use the camper as a utility trailer to haul stuff, which makes it rather unique among small campers.

When used for camping the interior is spacious and the bed is wide and long. Many buyers rave about customer service from Sylvan as well.

When it comes to small camping trailers, Tammy and I really like the Sylvan Go. It gives you the outdoor camping experience but a lot more refined than just being in a tent. Check out their website for more information.

6. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper

small and lightweight camping trailer

The Taxa Outdoors Cricket small camping trailer is both lightweight and rugged. It can be towed by vehicles with 4-cylinder engines. The inside allows for two and adults and two children to sleep comfortably.

The roof pops up to provide optimized ventilation and the spacious interior has ample room for a full-bed and under-bed storage that converts into a dining table.

The kitchen features a large counter-top, a sink, and a two-burner stove allowing you to easily prep your meal and cook.

There are 5 swing windows equipped with shades and screens and 5 mesh windows in the upper tent side that allow open views and cross ventilation from just about any angle.

With it’s NASA inspired design you’ll find the Taxa Outdoors Cricket is one of the more capable small camping trailers.

View their lineup of small camping trailers on their site.

7. Scamp Travel Trailers

Scamp small camping trailers are made to order all fiberglass lightweight travel trailers. The fiberglass shell is lightweight and very durable. It’s a small camping trailer making it easy to tow by small cars, minivans, and SUVs. The round corners make it aerodynamics which in turn increases fuel efficiency.

The Scamp is available in 3 sizes, 13′, 16′ and 19′. Each size is available as a “Standard” or “Deluxe” model. The big difference between the two is the “Deluxe” has a bathroom. or other amenities.

There are plenty of options available with this camper. To figure out what you can or cannot get with each model visit Scamp’s website. It has plenty of details on features and options.

8. Winnebago Micro Minnie

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 1700BH is the only floor plan in their Micro Minnie line-up that meets our criteria for small camping trailers. The BH stands for a bunkhouse, and on this camper, it is located towards the rear adjacent to the bathroom.

This camper exceeds our length criteria by only 9 inches but we included it because it is a great looking camper. The floor plan layout is has been very well done and it sleeps 5 which we like since the grandkids can come along.

The Micro Minnie has a spacious kitchen, a nice sleeping area with windows on each side for cross-ventilation, patio speakers, and an awning with LED lights.

To learn more about the Micro Minnie visit the Winnebago website.

9. Safari Condo Alto

The Safari Condo Alto is one of the more unique small camping trailers. What makes it so unique is the retractable roof system. Essentially the roof expands upward to add interior height.  You can easily go from 83.5 inches to 101 inches when the roof is open.

The roof and walls are made of a plastic honeycomb core that is laminated with aluminum on one side and Alufiber on the other side. Alufiber combines aluminum and fiberglass to create a durable lightweight material.

On e interesting thing to note about the Safari Condo Alto is that they have intentionally used materials that water has little to no effect one. This small camping trailer mainly uses aluminum, Alufiber, plastic, Formica, and glass in its construction.

Sarafri Condo also makes several models with fixed roofs. To see all models visit the Safari Condo website.

10. Riverside RV Retro 135

Riverside RV 135Tammy and I were heading to the Lake Texoma when we decided to stop at Treasure Vallet Casino. Out front, they had this cool looking small camping trailer from RiversideRV. We managed to peek inside and immediately fell on love.

For a small camping trailer, it had quite a bit. This little beauty has a queen-sized bed, a dry bath (toilet and separate shower), a cooktop and sink, refrigerator, and sofa. It also managed to fit in a microwave and outside shower.

This is definitely one of our favorite small camping trailers. To sell all Riverside RV models visit their website.

Small Camping Trailers Summary

If you are looking for a comfortable camper to spend your weekends in or even an extended road trip any of the small camping trailers above should work just fine for you. For Tammy and me our preference would by the Jayco Jay Feather Micro or the great looking Riverside RV 135. Both are very capable and lightweight small camping trailers.

Ray Roman is the owner/author of Go Travel Trailers. He is the main contributor of content and an avid researcher of travel trailers and the RV lifestyle. He loves flyfishing, vacationing in Red River, NM, and spending time with family and friends.