Top 5 Best Travel Trailers For Couples

Our son will soon be off to college so my wife and I intend to travel the country by ourselves. In researching the best travel trailer for couples like us, we came upon 5 models. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses and in various price ranges.

I’ve been researching campers suitable for couples for a while now. Even though Tammy and I differ somewhat on what we want we do think the Lance 1575, for now, is as close as we’ll get to compromise.

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer – Our Top Pick Best Travel trailers for Couples

The one we crowned the best travel trailer for couples is the Lance 1575. This lightweight travel trailer has all the things a couple will need. What we especially like about the Lance 1575 is the separate shower and toilet, a comfortable dinette, and they still manage to fit a queen-sized bed and a well-designed galley. For couples, ​the is hard this Lance Camper is hard to beat.

Lance travel trailer for couples

The Lance 1575 has an overall length of 20 1/2 feet, and a width of 84 and 3/4 inches. It easily sleeps 4 people (my wife and I and our 2 granddaughters). Interior height is roomy at 78-inches.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is 3,500 pounds making it very light and allowing it to be towed with a full-size SUV. For example, the Ford Explorer can tow up to 5ooo lbs depending on the towing package. The Jeep Grand Cherokee can tow up to 7200 lbs also depending on the towing package.

Construction is aluminum-framed sidewalls, floor, and ceiling. The interior walls are Azdel which you can read about here. The floor and ceiling are insulated laminate. You get aluminum wheels, an exterior wash station, manual tongue, and stabilizer jacks, and Thermopane tinted windows.

Inside you will find a 5-cubic foot refrigerator which is a good size for us. The range is a 3-burner stainless with cover, a stainless steel hood with light, fan, and backsplash. The bathroom is equipped with a tub and shower combination, and the toilet is a marine toilet with a foot pedal. In the bedroom, you will find a queen-size mattress with a pillow-top and LED reading lights.

Lance offers several options on equipment that we will be considering. The A/C unit is definitely one of them since we will be using the travel trailer in hot climates. There are 3 Coleman models to choose from. In addition, you can purchase a backup camera, solar panel, and 28-inch 12-volt TV.

An electric-powered 12-foot awning is also offered that has LED lighting, and a keyless entry system with a key Fob is also a feature of this camper.

The final option we will consider is the built-in microwave for those days when we would rather not cook a full meal.

Pricing for the Lance 1575 starts at around $37,500 MSRP. Not inexpensive by any means but we believe this is going to be the perfect travel trailer for us.

Though the Lance 1575 travel trailer is our preferred model it is not the only one that is good for couples. We found 4 other travel trailers that provide couples with all the amenities they will need, assuming your criteria are the same as ours. Before we dive into the other 4 models let us tell you what we wanted.

Lance overall makes excellent travel trailers. We consider Lance one of the best travel trailer brands in the market. However, just like any other travel trailer, it has its issues with quality, though not as bad as some other brands we have research.

Our Criteria For Best Travel Trailer for Couples

We know most of our travels are going to be just the two of us, so we don’t need lots of space. We looked for a travel trailer less than 25-feet in length preferably closer to 20. We also don’t want to buy a truck just to tow the trailer, so we wanted something lightweight with a GVWR of 4,000 or less. This weight limit allows our full-size SUV to tow the trailer comfortably.

We both wanted the travel trailer to have a bathroom with a separate toilet and shower or what is known in the industry as a dry bath. We both dislike the ones where the shower head hangs over a special type of toilet. Yuk!

We both wanted at a minimum a queen-sized bed. At home, we have a king-sized bed so we are used to having lots of space between us. A full-sized bed would be too uncomfortable. We wanted a small dinette and a nice galley with hopefully a close to the full-size refrigerator.

Our last need was that it could sleep more than just the two of us. We have two granddaughters that will soon be able to go on trips with us and we wanted to make sure they have a place to sleep indoors.

One final item we wanted, not a deal-breaker, but really nice to have is Azdel composite panels. You can read this article and learn why we think having Azdel panels in your travel trailer is a  good thing.

The Lance 1575 fit our search criteria perfectly. It is by no means the least expensive of the 5 travel trailers we researched, but it offers a tremendous amount of value, has an excellent floor plan, beautiful design, and hopefully reliability as well.

Here is a photo of the Lance 1575 interior, and you will see why we fell in love.

Best Travel Trailers for Retired Couples


Let’s take a look at the 4 other travel trailers we think are the best travel trailers or couples or retirees who don’t require lots of space.

Winnebago Minnie Drop

We previously took a look at the Winnebago Minnie Drop right here. The Minnie Drop has a lot of going for it, including a price of about $20,000, a roomy interior, it is lightweight and comes in a variety of color and graphics choices. Some models have a queen-sized bed, pull-out outdoor kitchen, and even bunk beds.

What we personally did not like about the Minnie Drop is that the model we were interested in has a shower/toilet combination or wet bath. That to me was not a big deal but to my wife, it was a deal killer.

Other than our own personal dislike for the wet-bath, the Minnie Drop is an excellent travel trailer for couples and retirees who want a compact, room, lightweight, and reliable travel trailer.

Airstream Nest (No Longer Manufactured)

The Airstream Nest is another one of the travel trailers we have covered on our site. You can read all about the history and features of the Airstream Nest. When it comes to a beautifully designed fiberglass body travel trailer the Nest is hard to beat.

The exterior and interior are just plain beautiful. The panoramic window along the rear is stunning and adds an impactful visual element to both the interior and exterior. The color and fabric are well-thought-out and have a very stylish and distinctive look.

It is designed with a rear door that creates an interior that feels roomy. But just like the Minnie Drop it has a wet bath, a deal killer for my wife. For me, it was not just the wet bath but the hefty price tag. The Nest comes in at $45,900 to start. This is well outside our budget. Don’t get me wrong the Nest is well worth the price. But for our limited budget, it was not.

Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup

Cute, lightweight, and with several very nice floor plans the Cherokee Wolf Pup was another model we research that you might want to consider. It comes in 6-floor plans, two of which are toy haulers.  The floor plan we preferred is the 16FQ.

This floor plan comes with a queen-sized bed, separate shower and toilet, and dinette.  Overall we really like the Cherokee Wolf Pup and for couples, this is an excellent travel trailer. My wife and I were split on this one as she liked it quite a bit but for me, the deciding factor was not having Azdel composite panels. Call me picky, but if I can avoid unnecessary maintenance later, I’m all in.

Oliver Travel Trailer Legacy Elite

Oliver Travel Trailers makes the Oliver Legacy Elite, a single axle 18-feet 5-inch all fiberglass body travel trailer. The Oliver travel trailer was initially my first choice for couples travel trailer but failed in one area that the Lance 1575 did not. The Legacy Elite has a fold-down bed. In other words, the wrap-around dinette converts to a bed. That I did not like as much as having a separate queen-sized bed and dinette

Though heavier than some other models on this page, the Legacy has a GVWR of 5,000 lbs, it is still manageable with a full-sized SUV.

It includes many, and I mean many standard features making it a very capable and comfortable lightweight travel trailer.

Overall Oliver makes an excellent travel trailer and both models in their line-up get excellent reviews. Though it’s a travel trailer not suited for my wife and me it could very well be suited for you. So do take the time to look at them a little deeper.

Whether you like the Lance, like we do, or not choosing a travel trailer for you and your significant other is still a very personal choice. We recommend you do your research, visit dealerships, or RV shows to actually see and feel the various type of travel trailers. Whether you are a young couple, a retired couple, or simply need a small, lightweight travel trailer we are sure there is one out there for you.

You do not have to sleep in your travel trailer all cramped up due to a small bed. There are many models of travel trailers that have king-sized beds as a standard feature or as an option.

Best Travel Trailers for Couples Summary

To summarize we really like the Lance travel trailer, and we think it is great for couples who happen to have the same camper criteria as us. Keep in mind that these are ones that fit our criteria.

Your requirements will probably be different from ours so these models or even the Lance above might not be what you want. When looking for the best travel trailers for couples keep in mind your budget and your needs. There plenty to choose from so take your time and do your research.

If a bigger bed than the queen bed in most of the campers above you might want to check out our 10 Best Travel Trailers With King Beds.

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