Which Camper Jack Should I Buy?

When it comes to buying a jack for your camper a question that always comes up is “Which camper jack should I buy?” Making decisions on which camper jacks to buy can be difficult sometimes. This happens when you don’t know the factors to consider, or which jack is suitable for your camper.

The first thing to consider when making this decision is your campers weight. The second thing is to get a list of jacks and check the one that can support your RV, check the cost as well. From that, you can decide which jack is suitable and which one you can afford.

Which Camper Jack Should I Buy

This article will help you learn about several different camper tongue jacks and stabilizer jacks, their features, their cost as well as pros and cons. This will help you make an informed decision and will help you avoid situations where you buy the wrong stabilizer jack or tongue jack for your camper.

EAZ-Lift24’’ RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack [Our Editors Pick]

This jack is a good fit for pop up campers or travel trailers. They are strong enough to support up to 7,500 lbs. this jack is heavy duty and can actually lift the camper off the ground. The jack is built so that it can lift the camper and last. What is good about this jack is that it is easy to install.

Camco 48830 Eaz-Lift 24" RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack| Fits Pop-Up......
  • Effortlessly Stabilizes RVs: Scissor jacks have a certified 7500 lb. load capacity
  • Easy to Install: Allows either bolt-on or weld-on installation

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  • The cost for a pair is very friendly compared to other jacks
  • Lifts heavyweight. This is more than what standard electric jacks do.
  • Their mechanical nature makes it easy to use since it cannot go down once you have lifted the camper. You will have to lower it manually again.
  • The material that makes it is not to rust and giving it a new look for long.
  • Easy to maintain. Only moving parts need lubrication.


  • Rolling pins are very soft and need to be replaced with time.

Libra Scissor Jack 24”- 26037(set of 4)

The scissor jacks come 4 in a set. They are manual and are lifted and can stay up until when they are rolled down. The jacks are 24’’ and heavy duty lifting 7,500 lbs. the material used to make it is 11ga steel. It does not rust.

The jack is tested strictly for standards making sure it is of the right quality before it is released to the market. The jacks come with a magnetic hex socket which enables the user to raise jacks faster by the use of a power drill.

Set of 4 True 7500 lb Heavy Duty 24" RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling......
  • True HEAVEY DUTY 7500 lbs# capacity, made by 11ga steel. comparing others made by 14ga steel but market as "up to 7500lbs"
  • Includes 4 steel jacks and 1 crank handle, also include a 3/4" hex magnetic socket to raise/lower jack faster by power drill!

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  • Heavy duty lifts huge weights
  • They are made of rust resistant material
  • High quality to last long
  • Its wide bases make sure that the jacks do not sink in the ground.
  • Both manual and powered operation.


  • You have to keep on replacing the screws.

Lippert 285318, Power Tongue Jack

The jacks are easy to install, the jack is electric and uses a 12v power source which can be supplied by your RV battery. You only need to route your power wire to the battery so that you will not have to connect the wire every time you want to use your jack. The jack comes with 4 LED lights so that you will not have a problem when you get to the RV Park late and want to set up. 3,500-pound rating.

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black...
  • EASY INSTALLATION — Complete with all necessary hardware and pins, installation for the Power Tongue Jack is fast and simple, so you can get to lowering and raising your equipment in...
  • TIME-SAVING — Say goodbye to cranking your manual jack. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower your a-frame trailer in a fraction of the time, without breaking a sweat

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  • It has 4 LED lights that help you operate at night
  • Installation is very simple
  • It is electric so you are not going to get exhausted using them


  • These are expensive compared to manual camper jacks
  • Lifting capacity is not as good as manual jacks
  • These camper jacks operate slow

Stromberg Carlson Jack

This scissor jack measures 4” when folded and 24” when up and weighs 13 pounds, it is, however, able to lift up to 5000 pounds of weight. This means that it can lift an RV off the ground comfortably. It has a broad base to work comfortably on hard and soft grounds.

Stromberg Carlson JSC24IND Scissor Jack (0147.2012)...
  • Keeps your RV level and stable
  • Expands from 4" to 24" in height

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  • The jack can be used on hard or soft grounds
  • The size when folded is small making it be easily stored
  • Its price is cheaper compared to other jacks


  • It lifts lighter weights therefore not suitable for heavy RVs.

Jack Quick – 3000 Electric Tongue Jack

It is an electric tongue jack. Very easy to use and does not draw a lot of power from your battery. The jack lifts up to 18” and has a manual aid to help keep the jack-up in case the power goes off. The jack also has a strong LED system that helps light up your RV Park at night.

Quick Products JQ-3000 Power A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack - 3,250 lbs.......
  • The JQ-3000 electric tongue jack boasts a maximum lift capacity 3,250 lbs.
  • 2.25" post diameter is the standard tongue jack size, making it easy to install into existing jack mounting holes

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  • Easy installation and operation
  • Lifts up to a height of 18”
  • Manual aid for top suspension in case power fails.


  • High and heavy RVs cannot use this jack
  • Expensive than most scissor jacks which offer better features.

Comparing RV Stabilizers


All the above jacks, whether tongue jacks or stabilizer jack, are of good quality and work perfectly well. I believe you now understand the jack that is most suitable, whether it’s electric or manual. Make sure the camper jack you buy is rated to lift the weight of your travel trailer. Post any question you have below. Check out our other article on the best travel trailer brands. Or is the construction of travel trailers intrigues learn about which travel trailers use Azdel in their construction.

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